15 Common Idioms Used in Daily Life

15 Common Idioms Used in Daily Life paid course free. Idioms enrich our language and help us communicate more with fewer words. Learning them improves your speech and writing.

15 Common Idioms Used in Daily Life Course Requirements

  • A Basic knowledge of the English language


Idioms are common phrases that mean more than the meaning of individual words. We can use them in our daily speech or even in our writing. Using idioms makes you sound more like a native speaker. So, if you want to improve your English language and grow your English vocabulary, join this course now.

The course starts by giving you an introduction to idioms, where we discuss what idioms are and how one can find idioms and use them.

In the second section, we tackle 15 different idioms used in daily life. I have divided them into two categories: idioms at home and idioms with friends; in order to make it easier for you to learn and use them. The idioms are not confined to one particular situation, so, for example, idioms at home can also be used in other contexts, but people tend to use them mostly at home.

This course can also be helpful for students who take these idioms at school. If you are one of these students and are struggling with other different idioms, perhaps you can send me the idioms and I’ll make a course about them in a more simplified and fun way.

After all, I want this course to be MUD; memorable, usable, and durable.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate English learners


15 Common Idioms Used in Daily Life

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