1Z0-497 Oracle Database 12c Essentials Practice Exam


Sample Questions:

Which three tasks can you perform in Database Express?

View performance and status information about the database instance.

Start up the database.

Shut down the database.

Create database structures.

Manage users and security.

Which two statements are true about the B-tree Index?

The leaf blocks in the index are doubly linked.

The leaf node stores a bitmap for each key value.

Rows with a NULL value in key columns also have entries in the Index.

The deletion of a row from the table causes a logical deletion in the index leaf block and the space becomes available for a new leaf entry.

Which two statements are true about listeners?

Listeners use only the TCP/IP protocol. Multiple listener processes can run simultaneously on a host

Multiple database instances can be registered with a single listener,

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Listener-related errors can be traced only at the administrative level.

Only one database instance can be registered with a single listener at any time.

You want to start a global service on your database. Which three conditions must be met?

The database is open and registered with a global service manager.

The service has been disabled on that database.

The database role is different from the role attribute of the service.

The replication lag on the database does not exceed the maximum value specified for the service.

The service has reached its cardinality defined by the number of preferred databases.

No other database in the pool is a better candidate for starting the service.

What must you do to an application for it to take advantage of partitioning?

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recompile it

rewrite its SQL queries


rework the applications schema

nothing; it is transparent

Which three statements about common and local roles are true?

When a role is granted to a user, the privileges in the role are limited to the context of the PDB.

Local roles can be granted only to local users.

Common roles can be granted to both local and common users

user can create common roles if the user has the CREATE ROLE privilege, and SET CONTAINER for all PDBs

Common roles can be created in the root and PDBs.

Which statement regarding Oracle Active Data Guard 12c is false?

Any application compatible with a read-only database can run on an Oracle Active Data Guard standby.

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It provides new support for DML to global temporary tables and the use of sequences in the standby database.

It repairs block corruptions detected in the primary or standby database.

It supports different software patch levels between a primary database and its physical standby database for the purpose of applying and validating Oracle patches in a rolling fashion

It supports multi master and bidirectional replication architectures where there are multiple databases that all contain the same data, even if they are not synchronized.

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