2022 Flutter Beginners Course(No rubbish)

Flutter Beginners Course(No rubbish). The Flutter Beginner’s Course is a comprehensive introduction to the development of mobile apps using the Google Flutter SDK. The course starts with an overview of the Flutter platform and then moves on to teach the basics of programming in Flutter. You will learn how to create simple apps that use input and output, as well as how to control devices and graphics using Flutter’s built-in APIs. 

In this course, we will be looking at the basic widgets in Flutter. These include things like TextWatcher, ListView, and GridView. We will be covering how to create these widgets, as well as how to use them in your applications. In addition, we will also look at some of the more advanced Flutter widgets including Material Design Widgets and Custom Widgets. By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of what is available in Flutter and how to use it for your own applications.

Custom images are images that you create yourself, rather than using an image that’s included with the Flutter application. You can use custom images to differentiate your app from other apps in the market or to create a unique user experience.

To install packages, open the package manager and search for the package you want to install. After you find and select the package, click on the “Install” button.

Flutter Beginners Course

In this flutter course, I have tried to explain flutter in the easiest language possible. We will be covering a lot of different concepts in this course so that if you wish to become an Android developer or an IOS developer and build android applications and IOS applications, you will be able to start without a hassle.

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This course includes everything. From learning some important concepts in dart-like data types, classes, objects, single-level inheritance, multi-level inheritance to learning how flutter actually works, the basic syntax, and exploring widgets like containers, text, images, etc.

Lastly, we will also be making two applications which are a Pee simulator which will help you avoid social interactions. Whenever you don’t want to talk to someone, you can just go to the washroom and turn on this simulator and it will seem like you are actually peeing. You can also use other apps in the background while the sound plays.

Another app that we will be building is the magic calculator which will help you fool your friends into thinking that you know magic. You will ask your friends for different numbers and the moment you press “=”, their birth date will appear. How? Well, join the course today.

Also, you have passed. If you managed to read all of this that I wrote, you are definitely worthy of joining this course right now.

You will Learn

  • Learn Flutter and Dart from the ground up, step-by-step
  • Understanding basic widgets in Flutter
  • Learn how to use custom images and install packages
  • Build two beautiful, fast, and native-quality apps with Flutter

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