5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting

5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting paid course. You will Learn Introduction to 5G Drive Test and Troubleshooting in this complete course.Understand in detail The Drive Test process, types of Drive Tests

5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting Course Requirements

  • Yes, The participant should have knowledge about 5G.

5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting Course Description

In this course, we will examine the 5G drive test measure covering sorts of drive tests, when and where they are utilized. We will examine the various issues recognized by the drive test and a few issues that require DT to be performed for distinguishing the fundamental corruption experienced by the organization which can be because of call drop, less speed, ill-advised inclusion and some more, and furthermore take a gander at the remedial organization advancement estimates that can be performed to determine the basic issues.

We will investigate the End to End (E2E) undeniable level Drive test-based improvement and what is the overall methodology with respect to something very similar. The Drive test boundaries characterizing signal strength, signal quality, shaft the board and so on in 5G are talked about their normal reaches are characterized.

We will likewise take a gander at the arrangement of key execution measurements (Kpi’s) like availability, uprightness, retainability and so on in 5G and play out the investigation for execution improvement in the organization.

In conclusion, we will take a gander at the contextual investigations wherein we will take a gander at certain utilization cases which were seen during the arrangement of 5G. these models will help in understanding the inclusion issues, bar issues. we will likewise see an illustration of NEMO apparatus on 5G band N78 (3500MHz).

Thus, this course gives an establishment on the arrangement angle and the higher perspective on the advancement cycle.

Who this course is for:

  • RF Engineers, 5G Planners and Optimizer, Drive Test Engineers.

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5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting

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