5G NR Channels and Parameters

5G NR Channels and Parameters paid course free. You will Learn Frame Structure & in-depth understanding of SCS numerology, Slot, Mini Slot

  • Frame Structure & in-depth understanding of SCS numerology, Slot, Mini Slot
  • Channel Structure in Uplink and Downlink
  • What is SSB Block and the Mapping on resource grid?
  • Understand the functionality and mapping of each Downlink and Uplink channel

5G NR Channels and Parameters Course Requirements

  • Yes, The participant should have knowledge about 5G Overview and Air Interface.

5G NR Channels and Parameters Course Description

This course provides a detailed overview of all the 5G Channels and covers the following information

To start with, it will give a prologue to the 5G Service based design and we will see HTTP POST, PUT, GET messages utilized among the 5G control plane center Network Functions.

We will investigate the 5G NR Channels – Logical, Transport, and Physical, briefly depict them, and comprehend the contrast somewhere in the range of 4G and 5G channels.

Following which we will comprehend the Synchronization Block (SSB), which is a blend of PSS, SSS, and PBCH. Thus, the usefulness, position in the time space, and recurrence area is talked about.

We will comprehend the PDCCH structure in 5G and take a gander at the diverse DCI designs accessible. Comprehend the PUCCH channel and the data that it will convey in NR. We will at long last address the Shared channels in the Uplink (PUSCH) and Downlink (PDSCH) structure. we will then, at that point comprehend exhaustively about the physical channel preparing. At long last, Uplink Random channel PRACH usefulness will be talked about

Ultimately, we will discuss the reference signals (DMRS, PT-RS and so on) in 5G, examine their usefulness, time and recurrence area position in the 5G asset matrix, and see how unique they are from the inheritance age.

Who this course is for:

  • RF Engineers, 5G Planners and Optimizer, Drive Test Engineers.

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5G NR Channels and Parameters

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