AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis

AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis. Be an expert in analyzing AC Circuits. This course will you a huge understanding of how AC circuits work. This course is a complete AC analysis course. It starts with very simple math knowledge of sinusoids and phasors .(tools we use during analysis)

AC (Alternating Current) Circuit Analysis


1- ) Sinusoids and Phasors

In this unit, students will gain the mathematical knowledge needed before diving into analysis. The topics are as follow ;

  • Introduction
  • Sinusoids
  • Phasors
  • Phasor Relationships with Circuit Elements
  • Impedance and Admittance
  • Kirchoff’s Laws for Frequency Domain
  • Impedance Combinations

2- ) Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis

In this unit, students will practice basic AC circuit analysis by using the same methods for DC. Students will see that the methods are both applicable to AC and DC.

The topics are as follows ;

  • Nodal Analysis
  • Mesh Analysis
  • Superposition
  • Source Transformation
  • Thevenin and Norton Theorem
  • Op Amp AC Analysis
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This is our first module.


3-) AC Power Analysis

In this unit, student will know how to measure AC power in AC circuits which is a different process than the usual DC way.

The topics are as follows ;

  • Instantaneous and Average Power
  • Maximum Average Power Transfer
  • Effective or RMS value
  • Appearent Power and Power Factor
  • Complex Power
  • Conservation of AC Power
  • Power Factor Correction

This is our module 3 to be published on 09.02.2022. The reason for our modules is that we want our students to deal with each subject seperately, so that it gets easier.

In total, we have 5 modules. These modules and their content can be found in our course intro video.

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What you’ll learn

  • This course demonstrates how to analyze circuits involving Alternative Current Sources, resistors, capacitors, inductors.
  • This course also a great way to go for those who are planning to contemplate a career in Electrical Engineering or any engineering related to circuits.
  • This course will also teach you some Basic mathematical knowledge on Complex Numbers which is vital in AC circuits in order to evaluate the circuits.
  • Before getting into next step which is Advanced Circuit Analysis according to our curriculum. This course will provied any information you need.
  • Most of the People think “Why to study Circuit Analysis when complex software tools can do it for me?”. Because you need to learn walking before riding a bike.
  • AC circuit analysis in general, will help you to think like an Electrical Engineer.
  • Both DC and AC analysis provide students a great foundation on topics like ; 1- Electronics 2- Digital System Design 3- Microprocessors 4- Signals and Systems .
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Who this course is for:

  • This course is a great way to go on Electrical Engineering career after DC analysis.
  • For those who contemplate a career in Electrical Engineering or any related area.
  • For those who want to succeed in courses such as ; 1-) Electronics 2-) Digital System Design 3-) Microprocessors 4-) Signals and Systems 5-) Analog and Digital Communication 6-) Control Theory

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