Adobe Illustrator Crash Course in 2022

If you want to learn Adobe Illustrator Crash Course without spending any money then you are at the right place. You will learn Adobe Illustrator with free courses provided by udemy and many other resources. When you have a basic concept of Adobe Illustrator, then learn quickly advanced concepts like Graphic design, logo design, and many other things.

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular software in the market. It is used by professional designers also use for stunning graphics for websites, print collateral, and logo design.

Udemy offers courses to learn Illustrator quickly and effectively. These courses teach basic to advanced skills, covering everything from creating shapes and layers to working with filters and effects. After completing any course you will be able to produce high-quality graphics that will impress your clients or boss.

Adobe Illustrator Crash Course

A crash course in Adobe Illustrator teaches users how to create basic shapes, colors, and strokes as well as how to use Pathfinder and other features of the software.

1. Adobe Illustrator-CC Logo & Graphic Design Crash Course

This is the best free course for beginners who wants to learn graphic design and logo design free without spending any money.

You will learn all types of logo design like Pictorial logos, Abstract Logos, Mascot logos, Wordmark Logos, Emblem Logos, and Combination Logos in this free course.

Photoshop Crash Course: Learn Adobe Photoshop Free

Main Topics of this course

  • Logo creation
  • font creation
  • vector art
  • Graphic design basics

You must have adobe illustrator on your computer for this course. This course is very helpful for anyone interested in the creative process whether for personal use or business.

The complete duration of this course is 1hr 8min and 4,030 students already enrolled in this course. No previous experience is required for this course.

2. How to Design an Awesome Letterhead in Adobe Illustrator

You will learn How to design awesome letterhead designs as quickly and as easily as possible in this free course. You will learn the basics of creating shapes and paths in Illustrator, and working with colors and effects.

This is the best course and very suitable for those who want to design letterhead. At the end of the course, you will be able to design professional letterheads.

Main Topics of this course:

  • Learn How to design professional letterheads
  • Learn formats and their benefits
  • Learn How to prepare and clean up files
  • Learn How to achieve balance in a letterhead document

This course is very suitable for Logo designers or Individuals who want to design their own letterhead. You must have a PC with Adobe Illustrator for this course.

The complete duration of this course is 36min and 42,936 students are already enrolled in this course. This is a free course provided by udemy.

3. Adobe Illustrator beginner Course

Adobe Illustrator For Beginners

This crash course the basics of Illustrator and learn how to create logos, icons, flyers, and other types of graphics. You will learn the basic and advanced functions of Adobe Illustrator for more creativity.

This is the best short course for beginners who wants to improve their design skills. This course is only good for beginners not cover the advanced concepts of Adobe Illustrator.

Main Topics of this course:

  • Learn Basic of Adobe Illustrator
  • Basic tools used in Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn How Export the Design into Images or PDF

This course is very helpful for Beginners who want to learn the basic concepts of Adobe Illustrator. the complete duration of this course is 1hr 21min  and 14,145 students already enrolled in this course.

4. Geometric Flat Art Illustrations

This is a course on Illustrator for people who want to create geometric flat art illustrations. You will learn how to create clean, professional-looking illustrations in Illustrator.

This Adobe Illustrator course is good for Everybody. You will learn basic shapes like rectangles, circles, polygons, stars, and some conventional in this complete course.

Affinity Course: Become an Affinity Designer

Main Topics of this course:

  • Learn basic shapes and tools in various ways.
  • Learn How to create your own objects
  • Learn art tools
  • Create daily objects

This course is very helpful for Artists, STEAM Educators, Teachers, and hobbyists. The complete duration of this course is 1hr 58min and 6,170 students already enrolled in this course,

5. Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training Course

This course is designed for the advanced user who wants to learn advanced concepts of Adobe Illustrator. You will learn Advanced techniques for graphic design, logo design & illustration in this complete course.

You will also learn How to design customs icons, CV, 3D icons for a website, 3D text & logos, and linocut flowers. You will also learn advanced features such as drawing curves and textures, creating custom brushes, and making use of layers in this complete course.

Main Topics of this course:

  • Speed up your productivity & workflow
  • Advanced anchor point & pen tool tricks
  • You will build your own animated gifs.
  • Mastering lines & strokes
  • Depth & perspective
  • Set permanent defaults for fonts, colors
  • Be able to turn hyphenation off once and for all
  • Make beautiful charts & graphs.

This course is very helpful for those who already know Illustrator and want to take their skills and speed to the maximum level. The complete duration of this course is 9.5 hours and 44,652 students are already enrolled in this course. You will also get a certificate at the end of the course.

Final Word: I have shared 5 Courses related to Adobe Illustrator. 4 courses are free and 1 is paid if you have any questions ask in the comment section.

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