Advanced Videography: Make Your Videos Look Better

Advanced Videography: Make Your Videos Look Better teaches you how to improve the video quality of your videos, making them look better and more professional. This course covers topics such as video encoding, image stabilization, and color correction.

When you are creating videos, you want them to look their best. There are a few different ways to make your videos look better. One way is to use effects software like Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro. You can use these programs to add effects like motion graphics and transitions. This can make your videos more professional-looking.

Cinematography is the art and technique of filmmaking, and video production is the process of making videos using cameras. Cinematography involves choosing the right camera angle, lighting, and set design to create a desired effect on the viewer. Video production involves setting up a filming schedule, selecting appropriate equipment, and editing the footage to produce a finished product. Both cinematography and video production require significant skill and experience to achieve quality results. By the end of the course, you will have learned how to make your videos look their best from start to finish.

Advanced Videography: Make Your Videos Look Better

You will Learn

  • Make your videos better with more creative & professional cinematography/video shooting
  • Shot composition: learn how to pick and choose your shot composition depending on the scene you’re filming
  • Slow-motion & Frames per Second (fps): learn how, when, and why you would capture slow-motion video
  • Lens Selection & Focal Length: Learn how different focal lengths change the look of your shot
  • Adding Movement: Learn how to add movement to improve your cinematography
  • Aerial Footage: Learn when, why, and how to use drones in your video projects
  • Gimbals: Learn how to use stabilization tools like a gimbal to add steady movement to your videos
  • Timelapses & Hyperlapses: Learn how to capture both time-lapse and hyper-lapse
  • Video Portraits: Learn how to get great shots of people that tell their story
  • Product Videography: Learn how to get great video shots of a product
  • Interview Lighting: Learn how to properly set up lighting for an interview subject
  • Natural vs. Artificial Lighting: Learn how to use both natural & lighting kits to better light your videos
  • A-roll & B-roll: Learn how to capture both A-roll & B-roll to tell your video’s stories
  • Panning vs. Tracking Shots: Learn how to capture motion with two different types of shots
  • Vlog Cinematography: Learn how to better capture your own vlogs

Do you ever watch a video and wish your videos looked better?

Perhaps it’s a YouTuber you follow, a documentary you saw on Netflix, or a narrative film you saw in theaters… you can capture shots that look just like the professionals.

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This Advanced Videography Course tackles getting the right shot. We focus on how to improve the videos you capture: going from mediocre shots to professional & creative ones.

By the end of this class, you’ll be inspired and know the exact steps to improving your next video.

Get Instant Access to:

  • Hours of easy-to-watch video tutorials
  • 15+ ideas for improving your shots
  • A downloadable guide to improve your videography
  • Printable Storyboard Template
  • Premium support if you ever get stuck
  • Lifetime access to course updates

What is this course?

This course is meant to take your video productions to the next level. What does that mean? This means making your videos look more like the films & videos you watch online, on tv, or in theaters and dream of making.

Follow us as we create three video projects: a corporate documentary video, a commercial promotional video, and a cinematic travel vlog. Within each project, we walk through the entire process of:

  1. Planning our project
  2. Brainstorming & storyboarding our shots
  3. Capturing our shots
  4. Improving our shots

You’ll see how we get good standard shots, but then take them to the next level with more advanced & creative shots.

Who should enroll in this course now?

You should take this course if you know how to use your camera to capture video; you know the basics of video settings; you already have experience making your own videos. But, you’re wanting to take your videography to the next level.

You may wonder what it takes to get the shots you see on TV. Or perhaps you have just run out of ideas for how to capture an upcoming project.

This course is for anyone who wants to make their videos look more professional & eye-catching.

Who teaches this course?

This is a Video School course, co-taught by video creators Phil Ebiner, William Carnahan, and Sam Shimizu-Jones. Together, they have over 30 years of professional experience making videos that have appeared on all screens – from viral YouTube videos to films shown in a movie theater near you.

This is a great follow-up course to our Video Production Bootcamp, an introductory course to making your own videos. If you are brand new to video creation, we recommend starting with that course.

Enroll now to improve your videos today!

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