Algorithmic Trading: Place Manage Exit Automatically

Algorithmic Trading: Place, Manage, Exit Automatically paid course free. You will Learn to Automate your Entire Trading Strategy using Python and a Broker API : Short Straddle/Strangle Auto Adjustment

  • Use Python Programming Language to the extend needed for coding the Algo Trading strategy: nothing more and nothing less
  • Connect to your broker API: We will use Aliceblue for the course
  • Place trades automatically via your code
  • Manage trades automatically via your code
  • Exit trades automatically via your code
  • Risk Management via your code
  • Learn to code the Short Straddle and Short Strangle Options strategy
  • Tweak the strategy for improving the winning ratio

Algorithmic Trading: Place, Manage, Exit Automatically Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge about trading in Options in the Indian Financial Markets
  • Little knowledge about Python Programming Language
  • A Trading Account in Aliceblue to follow through the concepts and codes
  • Hands-on approach. You just have to code by yourself.

Algorithmic Trading: Place, Manage, Exit Automatically Course Description

Are you a trader in Options in the Indian Stock market?

Is it true that you are liable of cutting your benefits sooner and allowing your misfortunes to run?

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to code your reasoning cycle and techniques into a straightforward code and let it run without help from anyone else with any intercession so you can zero in on other significant issues in your day to day existence or do some other exploration on the lookout?

In the event that the response to all the above questions is indeed, you would be keen on my course.

This course will help you code a methodology called short ride or short choke alternatives procedure which will be conveyed naturally in your exchanging terminal toward the beginning of the day, will be overseen consequently during the exchanging hours and will be left consequently by the day’s end, all utilizing a straightforward content in python.

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Sound immense yet it is in reality exceptionally straightforward. I ensure that the exercises are not difficult to follow, and not in the least hypothetical. All things considered, the exercises are fresh and center just around the pragmatic viewpoints which will help you code the whole technique, beginning to end inside a day and you can liberate your life.

Disclaimer: Investing in Financial Markets are liable to advertise chances. This course isn’t a proposal. This course won’t be answerable for your benefits or misfortune.

Who this course is for:

  • Option Traders in the Indian Markets or other markets
  • Day traders who cannot keep their eye off of the trading screen
  • Full Time Traders who are interested to automate their strategies
  • Traders who do not know the ABC of automated trading and want to get stated
  • Traders who want to automate a short straddle and short strangle right from placement to management to exit


Algorithmic Trading: Place, Manage, Exit Automatically

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