Amazon EKS Starter: Docker on AWS EKS with Kubernetes

Setting up and keeping up Kubernetes yourself on any cloud supplier is agonizing… however, presently with Amazon EKS, the administration of the Kubernetes control plane is completely taken care of by AWS. You will have additional time and fun conveying your own applications a similar local Kubernetes way you’ve been knowing from the start, on the cloud supplier you love… AWS!

Have you learned Kubernetes previously yet never found the opportunity to appropriately evaluate Amazon EKS? This course is for you!

In this course, we will investigate the highlights and arrangement of Amazon EKS close by numerous active talks.

In this course, we don’t cover the essentials of Kubernetes or AWS, and spotlight exclusively on the utilization of Amazon EKS.

You need to know

For Kubernetes: Namespaces, Services, Deployments, Volume Claim

For AWS: VPC, Subnets, IAM, EC2, EBS, Load Balancers, Security Groups

For Linux: experience with Linux and Shell

And afterward you can unquestionably take this course!


Gerd Koenig is the lead involved teacher of this course. He adores Kubernetes and is astounded by the usability of Kubernetes on AWS. He will walk you through all the active and convey a few applications with you!

Stephane Maarek is the lead hypothesis educator for this course. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and the creator of the profoundly appraised AWS seminars on Udemy. He has just instructed to 200000+ understudies and gotten 60000+ surveys.

The educators share all their AWS information on the stage, setting aside the effort to clarify each idea and give understudies both hypothetical and commonsense measurements. You are in acceptable hands!

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