Android App Development – Complete Course

Android App Development – Complete Course paid course free. You will Become an Android App Developer in this complete course. Design Thinking for Mobile and Android App Development

Android App Development – Complete Course Requirements

  • Basic Understanding of Computer

Android App Development – Complete Course Description

Hi and welcome to the Android Developer Course. All through this course, you will figure out how to foster an assortment of Android applications. In setting up this course, I’ve given a valiant effort to achieve 10 years worth of involvement with educating and creating versatile applications to you. We will start with the most straightforward of themes to assemble our certainty and slowly and carefully move towards more perplexing and progressed points. Thus, this course incorporates all you require, to begin your profession as Android developer or create the application that you have as a main priority.

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That is finished via cautiously choosing the best and the most recent innovation and methods and furthermore ensuring everything in the course has an outright prompt advantage to you as a student. Over a range of almost a half year, the substance of this course has gone through a huge number of alters and the current educational program achieves the most ideal blend.

The course is planned in 18 areas and each part covers a region completely. In what follows you can get a fast feeling of what the 18 distinct segments will cover:

  1. Android Basics
  2. Kotlin Basics
  3. Intermediate UI
  4. Property Finder App (Sample UI Design App)
  5. Advanced Kotlin
  6. Advanced UI
  7. To-do App (Sample List Taking App)
  8. Touches and Animation
  9. Memory Game (Developing a Puzzle Game in Android)
  10. Maps and Location
  11. Testing and Debugging
  12. Media and Device
  13. Multitasking
  14. Persistent Data
  15. To-do List in Room (Adding Data Persistency to our To-do App)
  16. Networking and Web
  17. Firebase
  18. Cloud To-do List (Porting our To-do App to Firebase Cloud)

By going through these 18 sections, you will have a complete and thorough understanding of how to think about Android App Development as well as how to use the variety of tools to actually execute your ideas.

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A lot of excitement ahead, and we look forward to see you at the finish line.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Mobile Developers
  • Beginners and Intermediate Android Developers
  • Entrepreneurs Planning to Developarg Their Apps


Android App Development – Complete Course

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