Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide

Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide free download paid course from google drive. You will learn Ace the Android Developer Coding Interview, Android System Design Interview & the Behavioral Interview [Mock Interviews] in this complete course.

  • Prepare for a technical and behavioral interview for a junior/entry-level position as an Android developer
  • Practice how to answer Android technical questions
  • Practice how to answer Java technical questions
  • How to mentally prepare for the interview
  • How to set yourself apart when answering technical and behavioral questions
  • Master mock interviews and whiteboard problems
  • Craft the best resume/CV and developer portfolio to showcase your skills

Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide Course Requirements

  • Be able to build a fairly complex Android App

Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide Course Description

Would you like to submerge yourself in the Android talk with prep measure so you can land your first passage level Android engineer work?

Have you thought about how to structure your Android Interview practice, so you feel sure and solid and steady to handle the genuine Android Developer meet?

All things considered, wonder no more! The Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide is here!

Android improvement has been quickly developing since Android was first delivered longer than 10 years back.

This course will give you the specialized and mental certainty you need to pro your entrance level Android advancement prospective employee meeting.

Before the finish of this course, you’ll have improved your Android talking with abilities drastically!

In this course, you’ll figure out how to pro your Android Developer meet by:

Figuring out how to answer basic Android and Java specialized inquiries questions,

Rehearsing mock and whiteboard interviews

Dominating how to thoroughly consider any surrendered issue and accompany the arrangement.

Meeting can be upsetting, yet it doesn’t need to be: the key is arrangement and sufficient arranging.

This course will control you through the way toward getting ready for an Android specialized and conduct meet for a lesser situation as an Android engineer.

We’ll go from what essential Android abilities you need to have added to your repertoire to comprehend what questioners are searching for on the meeting day: from a specialized and character stance, to how to respond to questions like “What’s your greatest shortcoming?”.

We’ll additionally cover general instruments and libraries android designers are by and large expected to know, just as learning strategies to keep rehearsing and getting ready for the meeting. Intelligent Mock Interviews included!!

No experience? Don’t sweat it – there’s a methodology I share in the seminar on what to do on the off chance that you have no insight.

Areas Outline:

Area 1 – Course Introduction: Get a comprehension of the course targets, how the course is organized, and how to take advantage of this course.

Segment 2 – Initial Preparations – Your Resume, Portfolio and Online Presence: Learn how to make a magnificent resume, android application portfolio, and Github.

Segment 3 – Understanding Big O, Data Structures, and Writing Good Code – Learn the nuts and bolts of Big O documentation and time multifaceted nature and what comprises great code.

Area 4 – Android Core – Specific Android Interview Questions: Deep-plunge into figuring out how to answer the most principal Android improvement questions and answer specialized inquiries the correct way!

Segment 5 – Android Application Design (System Design) – Understanding how to address Android Architectural Design questions. You’ll go over a couple of App Design Mock Interviewers so you can perceive how to address this sort of inquiry.

Segment 6 – Java Programming Language-Specific Interview Questions: Learn how to answer explicit Java Programming language questions. You’ll have a psychological guide on how what watchwords you need to incorporate while addressing specialized inquiries.

Segment 7 – Behavioral Specific Interview Questions and Wrap-up: Learn how to respond to social inquiries, for example, “Reveal to me your greatest shortcoming” and other basic conduct questions.

The course additionally incorporates a few assets to help you further prep for your android meet:

Intuitive Mock Interviews!!



Rundown of most mainstream Interview Prep online instruments, for example, LeetCode and Pramp

PDF reports with more Android inquiries questions and Answers for you to rehearse

Tips and guidance on the Android talking with measure

Before the finish of this course, you will have all the apparatuses you’ll require to expert your Android specialized meeting for a lesser situation as an Android engineer!


This Course Also Comes With:

Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

A responsive educator in the Q&A Section

Connections to intriguing articles and heaps of good code to base your next layout onto

Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

A 30 Day, “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

Take this course and get ready to pro your entrance level Android engineer meet and get your fantasy Android Development work!

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Who this course is for:

Junior level Android Developers looking for work

Junior Kotlin and Java Developers looking for section level Android Development work


Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide Course Download Now

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