Architectural Presentation Skills

Architectural Presentation Skills. Deliver Outstanding Architectural Juries. Welcome to Architectural Presentation Skills:

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What you’ll learn

  • How to deliver an outstanding architectural jury.
  • Effective voice tone and body language practices.
  • The preparation workflow of an architectural presentation.
  • The formula of a compelling presentation script.
  • To present your plans, elevations and sections to their best potential.
  • To workshop the general presentation formula to suit your needs in a jury.
  • Utilize graphic design elements to your advantage.
  • Potentially overcome the fear of public speaking & audience judgement.
  • Audience engagement techniques.
  • Key features of an effective project pinup.

Architectural Presentation Skills
Course Requirements

  • The will to practice

Who this course is for:

  • Architecture school students looking to deliver an outstanding architectural jury.
  • Architects seeking a quick course to develop their presentation skills.
  • Architecture school students searching for an easy guide on how to layout presentation boards.

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