Async/Await and Actors – Concurrency in Swift

Async/Await and Actors – Concurrency in Swift paid course free. You will Learn async/await, actors, async-let, task groups, unstructured concurrency, detached tasks and more!

  • New async/await features of Swift language
  • Concurrency in Swift Using Actors
  • Exposing callback functions using continuation API
  • Running concurrent tasks using async-let and Task Groups
  • Writing modern asynchronous syntax using async/await

Async/Await and Actors – Concurrency in Swift Course Requirements

  • This is not a beginner course and does not cover the fundamentals of iOS or Swift development
  • Existing knowledge of Swift language is recommended
  • Knowledge of SwiftUI is recommended
  • Xcode 13 or above
  • macOS Big Sur or above

Async/Await and Actors – Concurrency in Swift Course Description

Concurrency allows multiple tasks to run at the same time. Understanding concurrency is an important part of iOS application development. If used properly, it can create a pleasant user experience and even prevent your application from crashing.

In this course, you will use Async/Await and Actors to learn about the new concurrency features available in Swift. Async / Await and Actors are Swift’s future competition directions.

This course will teach you the concepts and practical uses of these modern features. After completing this course, you will easily add these new features to your application. Don’t believe me, check out some amazing reviews of my other courses. Great course, Azam also skipped the basics. Clearly explain important concepts that are missing or fail to provide clear details in most courses. It also seems to explain the rapid framework changes in the notes by adding updated courses or notes, thereby keeping the courses up to date.

This course really exceeded my expectations. Very valuable, thank you Azam. In the past 6 months, I have taken many courses, but so far, this section has helped me understand ObservableObject, @State, etc. I’m sure I will encounter some troubles in practice. , But at least I have this course to refer back to. Because every Azam course is great, full of information and good explanations and examples, it’s great. Azam is a great teacher. If you really want to learn and make good use of your money, he is the right choice.


  • Xcode 13 or above
  • Knowledge of Swift language is recommended
  • macOS Catalina or above
  • Knowledge of SwiftUI is recommended
  • Passion for development and an open mind
  • This is not a beginners course

Let’s check out the contents discussed in the course:

  • Understanding Concurrent Programming
  • Getting Started with Async & Await (Dates App)
  • Understanding MVVM Design Pattern
  • Dates App Using MVVM
  • Exposing your Functions as Async/Await Using Continuation
  • Project: News App
  • Understanding Structured Concurrency in Swift
  • Project: Random Images and Quotes
  • AsyncSequence
  • Actors

Who this course if for:

  • Students who want to learn about new concurrency features in Swift language.
  • Anyone interested in learning modern concurrency programming techniques using Swift.
  • Students who want to learn the new Async/Await and Actor features.

Async/Await and Actors – Concurrency in Swift

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