AutoHotkey FAQ 2- Beginning to code in AutoHotkey / AHK

AutoHotkey FAQ 2- Beginning to code in AutoHotkey / AHK. Jump around learning what you need to get started programming in AutoHotkey.

What you’ll learn


  • A windows computer system


Are you starting to learn AutoHotkey but don’t know where to begin?   Have some simple AutoHotkey questions you want answers to but don’t want to wade-through hours of video?  Then this AutoHotkey course is for you

This is part 2 of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding AutoHotkey!  Part 1 was a Free AutoHotkey course for people BEFORE they started to code.  It had lots of free tools to help get started.  This course continues on where we left off and begins to program in AutoHotkey.

As in the last course the lessons don’t “build” upon one another so you can jump around and get the AHK questions you have answered FAST!

AutoHotkey is an amazing language designed for people that are not programmers!  This means that AHK isn’t as “strict” as most languages and there are lots of little things that cause confusion for people just starting out.  This course addresses many of those “little things” that cause people grief when they first start programming in AutoHotkey.

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Learning AutoHotkey should not be difficult!  This course is designed to help even the least technical person begin to code in AutoHotkey.

Give the AHK FAQ course a try and start learning today!  Remember, if you’re not, in any way, satisfied, all Udemy courses have 100% money back guarantee!

Joe Glines & Isaias Baez

the-Automator / RaptorX

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners wanting to automate the mundane
  • People wanting to work smarter, not harder
  • People new to programming / Automation
  • People wanting to automate their programs on a Windows computer f5fa011c05bfcd6e6ca1e8add0fdb3ce262d0a4c

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