Autosar Architecture (Learn from Scratch with Demo)

Autosar Architecture (Learn from Scratch with Demo) paid course free. Let’s learn Autosar Architecture and its layers from scratch and learn how to write an Autosar software with live example

  • Understanding the Autosar Architecture and its benefits with comparison
  • Understanding on the different Autosar layers (ASW, BSW, RTE)
  • Indepth training on Application software development (Components, Compositions, Ports, Interfaces, Runnables, Events) in Autosar
  • What is RTE and how it works with different examples
  • How to write MCAL drivers and ECU abstraction layer from BSW with Examples
  • Autosar Methodology with example
  • Live demo to create an Autosar software with simple available softwares (Notepad++ and Simple XML editors)
  • Demo and comparison of a live example with a Non-Autosar software with an Autosar software for good understanding

Autosar Architecture (Learn from Scratch with Demo) Course Requirements

  • Will be an added advantage if we have Basic Knowledge on Embedded software development
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Autosar Architecture (Learn from Scratch with Demo) Course Description

Autosar is a demanding standard in the automotive industry and has now become indispensable knowledge. In this course, we will start from the basic knowledge of Autosar and understand each concept of architectural Autosar step by step.

Finally, we will have a demonstration session on how to use real-time use cases to design Autosar software. This course covers all categories of audiences, we start from the basics to explain, and then gradually enter the advanced level. Theory:

The theory course is for the first 2 hours. We will learn the terms and concepts of Autosar in a detailed way through short use cases extracted from real-time automotive applications. The theory will cover the complete ASW layer, the complete RTE layer, and an overview of BSWDemo:

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This demo will cover all the tags explained in the XML configuration, which is part of the use case, and how to configure it based on the design. For this, we will use Notepad++ and a simple XML editor, so we can also easily test the demo. The presentation will also contain some short theories, in which we will explain the method of designing software, which will help us to better understand when writing code.

The demo covered complete ASW development, BMW layer ECU and MCAL abstract development, and RTE code. At the end of the course, we will have a good understanding of Autosar and we will be able to develop Autosar software from scratch.

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Free Preview is enabled for the below theory lectures.

  • Section-4    Lecture-10  (Sender Receiver Interface)
  • Section-5    Lecture- 13 (Compositions and Connectors)

Who this course is for:

  • Embedded Software developers in Automotive industry who would like to use Autosar Architecture
  • Students and Job seekers who are willing to learn Autosar and work in automotive domain


Autosar Architecture (Learn from Scratch with Demo)

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