AUTOSAR DIAGNOSTICS (DEM, DCM, OBD, UDS). Covers in-depth knowledge of DEM, DCM modules, and OBD, UDS protocols. When I started working as a professional, I tried searching relevant content and explanation on diagnostics but I was unable to find a structured course online, there were just huge documents and difficult to understand for a new person, so this led me to take this course on Diagnostics so that others benefit from my experience. Diagnostics is one of the most important and interesting topics in the Automotive industry and is ubiquitous, it is used to diagnose faults present in your vehicles, and can also be used for software updates over the air. It helps in reducing emissions emitted by cars thus helping build a clean and green environment.

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This course is developed considering the required knowledge needed to work on Diag Stack. It is a well-versed and structured course keeping in mind the audience from experienced professionals to freshers.

It covers Autosar modules  DEM(Diagnostic Event Manager), DCM(Diagnostic communication Manager),  OBD (On Board Diagnostic), UDS ( Unified Diagnostic services) and their interaction with other modules, configuration required for them, and their uses cases from the practical viewpoint.

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I will be updating the course based on feedback from the audience and will also add content on other Autosar modules from time to time.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain complete understanding of Diagnostic stack in AUTOSAR
  • Understanding of main Diagnostic modules i.e Dem & DCM
  • Understanding of UDS and OBD protocols
  • Will gain thorough knowledge about practical use cases and ability to apply these concepts in Autosar related projects.
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Who this course is for:

  • Learn Autosar Diagnostics from Scratch

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