AWS Amplify Studio Masterclass – Visually Build UI & Backend

AWS Amplify Studio Masterclass – Visually Build UI & Backend. Building A Full Stack React App with Minimal Programming Effort using AWS Amplify Studio, Figma, Reactjs & Amplify CLI. AWS Amplify Studio allows developers to quickly and easily build extensible mobile and web apps in hours and ship them fast. The idea behind Amplify Studio is to go from design to feature-rich, full-stack apps quickly and reliably.

You will Learn

  • Build a Fullstack Web App with Amplify Studio and React
  • Visually Build a Backend in Amplify Studio
  • Visually Build a Frontend in Figma
  • Visually Bind the UI to Data Models
  • Convert Figma Designs into React Components
  • Deploy and host the app with Amplify Hosting

AWS Amplify Studio Masterclass – Visually Build UI & Backend Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 6min.
  • Download Source code and Resources –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Amplify Studio and Amplify CLI – Introduction –> 3 lectures • 9min.
  • Development Environment Setup –> 4 lectures • 12min.
  • The Launch Sandbox for Amplify Studio –> 5 lectures • 26min.
  • AWS Amplify Studio – Build a Fullstack React App –> 9 lectures • 52min.
  • UI Component Properties & Event Handlers –> 4 lectures • 20min.
  • The Navbar and Footer – Hands-On –> 9 lectures • 36min.
  • Add Pet Form –> 6 lectures • 28min.
  • Pet Details –> 4 lectures • 20min.
  • Update Pet –> 3 lectures • 23min.
  • Authentication with AWS Amplify Studio –> 6 lectures • 23min.
  • Authorization in AWS Amplify Studio –> 6 lectures • 19min.
  • Storage with AWS Amplify Studio –> 1 lecture • 11min.
  • AWS Amplify Studio Content Management –> 2 lectures • 3min.
  • Amplify Hosting – Hosting our App –> 1 lecture • 11min.
  • Clean up –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Next Steps –> 1 lecture • 3min.
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Suppose you are a developer, manager, designer, DevOps, or a team member, with Amplify Studio. In that case, you can build full-stack (front end and backend) web and mobile apps fast, with minimal programming effort! It’s that simple!

If you want to master Amplify Studio and start building full-stack, scalable apps with minimal coding efforts, this is the course for you!

This is a fully hands-on course in which you’ll learn:

  • AWS Amplify studio
    • How to use Figma UI/UX web-based design tool
    • Amplify CLI and the Amplify Studio Console to structure Data models
    • Visually bind the UI to data easily
    • Configure scalable app backend: building backend visually in minutes
    • Easily use and extend other AWS services  like Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, etc… in your apps
    • Use dozens of pre-built React components available to you in your full-stack app
    • Design-to-code approach with Figma (import Figma UI designs and convert them into react components to use in your apps)
    • Easily manage data, files, and users – allowing team members to access and update/edit app resources through Amplify studio console.
    • Deploy and host with Amplify Hosting: leverage built-in CI/CD workflows
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Additionally, you’ll learn how easy it is to set up authorization and authentication to your apps using amplify Studio.

You will see how you can quickly build secure, scalable, functional, full-stack applications in no time!

In a nutshell, with Amplify studio, you will be able to:

  • Configure and scale your app backend
  • Accelerate web UI app development
  • Manage and ship apps fast
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This Course Also Comes With:

  • Lifetime Access to All Future Updates
  • A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section
  • Links to interesting articles and resources
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download
  • A 30-Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

This is the course that could change your AWS skills.  

Join me in this course if you want to learn how to build Full-stack web applications in AWS Amplify Studio!

This course is Good for:

  • Developers who want to learn about AWS Amplify Studio
  • Solutions Architect who need to understand the motivation behind AWS Amplify Studio
  • DevOps who want to build scalable, full-stack apps leveraging AWS services
  • Managers who want to learn how AWS Amplify Studio works
  • Any curious person who wants to learn AWS Amplify Studio

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