AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator paid course free.

  • Understand the Azure identity management solutions
  • Get introduced to Azure Active Directory
  • Understand Active Directory licensing model
  • Create and manage groups
  • Understand Azure costs
  • Work with Azure policies
  • Learn about Azure management tools and processes
  • Familiarize with Azure management portal
  • Manage through command line
  • Learn about Azure storage
  • Create and manage storage accounts
  • Move data to Azure storage
  • Secure and Encrypt Azure storage
  • Learn the fundamentals of Azure networking
  • Learn about Azure DNS, virtual networking, network security groups and firewalls
  • Configure and setup VPN gateways
  • Control network traffic
  • Configure Azure load balancer
  • Design and plan Azure virtual machines
  • Size and estimate pricing for virtual machines
  • Create and connect Windows and Linux virtual machines
  • Implement availability and scaling
  • Learn fundamentals of Kubernetes
  • Configure Azure backup and monitoring
  • Setup disaster recovery plan
  • Learn to use alerts and rules
  • Setup monitoring

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Course Requirements

  • The topics covered in this course include some topics that are advanced. Hence, candidates are expected to have fair knowledge of the below concepts:
  • • Microsoft Windows administration
  • • Basics of networking
  • • Familiarity with cloud services
  • • Core Microsoft concepts such as MS Windows Server, Active Directory and MS Exchange etc.

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Course Description

The Microsoft Azure Administrator course is perfect for students who want to learn the basics of Microsoft Azure management. Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that can provide SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions for various companies. Due to ease of management, lower operating expenses, and the availability of the latest infrastructure, the recent shift to cloud technology has increased significantly.

The Microsoft Azure Administrator Course provides basic learning of the concepts, techniques, and techniques related to the MS Azure platform, and prepares students to become Microsoft Azure management masters. Topics covered in this course include management tools and processes, storage management, network concepts, computing management, backup configuration, and general system monitoring.

This course also helps candidates prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam, AZ-104. The topics of this course are exactly the same as those required in the certification exam. This certification is a necessary requirement for many jobs related to Microsoft Azure management, and an urgent need for companies, enterprises, system integrators, and solution providers.

Therefore, it opens up new professional development avenues for future candidates. Overall, the course is well-designed and has a concise schedule. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the content of the AZ-104 exam, and provides practical knowledge for those seeking practical knowledge to put into practice the concepts learned in their daily work. This course allows students to feel safe when taking the exam and enables professionals to use the latest technologies and tools provided by Microsoft Azure to effectively and efficiently perform their work tasks.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Managers especially those managing cloud infrastructure
  • Solution providers involved in setting up cloud infrastructure
  • Operations and maintenance staff
  • Candidates aspiring for AZ-104 certification exam


AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

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