Back to Networking Basics

Back to Networking Basics free. This course is for those that have a passion to learn the Basics of Networking for their career and/or present job

  • Students will learn the basic building blocks of Networking
  • Students will acquire the knowledge of standard models in Networking
  • At the end of of the course, students will know what the IEEE standard represents
  • Students will be proficient in the following: Subnetting, Route Summarization & VLSM

Back to Networking Basics

My “Back to Networking Basics!” course will take you on a journey of the fundamentals of Networking.

You will see that the video lectures will guide you, step-by-step on what you need to succeed in your current and/or future Networking career.

Students will learn to apply proper subnetting summarization, protocol configurations using RIP, EIGRP, OSPF & BGP amongst other important topics and protocols that are needed for fully functioning Networks.

If followed properly, this course will enlighten your knowledge and confidence to tackle most Networking jobs.

For the beginner, it will allow you to accept an entry-level position in Networking…and for the more advance, it will take you back to the basics!

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For those that have been out of the loop in Networking for a while, this is a great refresher course to keep you up to date with your Networking skills.

Please keep in mind that although I give thorough information, you, as a student, must put the effort into learning, practicing  & duplicating the labs. Otherwise, no matter how good a course may be, it will not be any good, unless the instructor & the student are in sync & in perfect harmony.

Please remember to REVIEW the course towards the MIDDLE and/or the END …once you have finished and completed the whole course.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone & Anyone that wants to gain an understanding of basic Networking


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