Basic Research: Questionnaire Development

Basic Research: Questionnaire Development paid course free. You will Learn A simple step-by-step approach from A to Z of questionnaire development

  • Getting organised
  • Sections in a questionnaire
  • Cover letter for questionnaire
  • Designing respondents’ profile
  • Designing variables
  • Finding questions (items) for your questionnaire

Basic Research: Questionnaire Development Course Requirements

  • No.

Basic Research: Questionnaire Development Course Description

If you are a master or a doctorate student undertaking research and planning to conduct your research empirically. You will have to prepare your research instrument for data collection. One of the most widely used methods to collect data for your research is through a survey questionnaire.

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This course will teach you from scratch how to develop your questionnaire.

It starts with some basic tips on how to get organised so that things go smooth in the research journal. It is followed by a series of lectures from cover letter preparation to dividing your questionnaire into various important sections. It also covers the development of the demographic (respondents’ profile) part of the questionnaire and then focusing on designing your variables. A very simple approach is used to teach you how to find questions (items) for your questionnaire. Moreover specifically, you will learn the following:

  • How to get organised, i.e., creating various folders on your computer to prepare for research
  • What are the different types of the questionnaire that you need to prepare for a smooth research journey?
  • What are various sections in a good questionnaire?
  • How to write a simple and impressive cover letter for your questionnaire?
  • What types of questions should you include in your questionnaire to collect data on respondents?
  • How to prepare your variables part (independent and dependent variables)?
  • Where to find questions (items) for your questionnaire?
  • How to easily find questions for your questionnaire?

I am sure that after attending this course you will be able to prepare your questionnaire professionally.

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See you inside.

Dr. Jan

Who this course is for:

  • Business administration
  • Marketing research
  • Academic research
  • Master and doctorate students


Basic Research: Questionnaire Development

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