Basics of Lean Management

Basics of Lean Management. Lean is a management philosophy that emphasizes reducing waste and improving efficiency in an organization. Lean management principles include identifying problems, breaking them down into their component parts, and solving each problem systematically. This process is often used to improve the flow of products or services through an organization. Lean also emphasizes continuous improvement so that an organization can remain competitive. As an organization’s processes are improved and waste is reduced, its costs decrease.

This leads to both a reduction in expenses and an increase in revenue. New products or services can be developed and launched as a result of these cost savings that come from eliminating waste.

Lean management is a business methodology that emphasizes streamlining operations to achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity. The course will cover the basics of lean principles, how they are used in businesses, and how to implement them. Participants will learn how to measure progress and make necessary adjustments while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction.

Want to learn about Lean Management?

You are at the right place, this course covers all the basic and important concepts of Lean Management!

A lean organization focuses on increasing customer value, eliminating waste, and optimizing operations. The key components of Lean can be applied to all types of businesses and processes.

In addition to reducing waste and improving a specific process, Lean is also about building a culture, that respects all employees and enables them to pursue opportunities to improve their work and share ideas for continuous improvement.

Lean management is based on the Toyota production system which was established in the late 1940s. There are many tools that can help businesses with the lean process and we will be covering them in this course. We will cover all important concepts and principles of Lean Management in detail.

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Course Layout:

1. Introduction

  • Introduction
  • History of Lean
  • Lean Process Solutions

2. The Five Lean Principles

  • The 5 Lean principles
  • Define Value
  • Map the Value Stream
  • Create flow
  • Establish Pull based system
  • Pursue Perfection
  • Lean Principles part 1
  • Lean Principles part 2

3. The Seven Wastes of Lean

  • The Seven Wastes of Lean

4. Lean Tools and techniques

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

5. How to Implement Lean in a proper manner

  • Commitment to Succeed
  • Employee Training
  • Identifying Waste
  • Determining Root Cause
  • Taking Action
  • Benefits of Lean

6. Other Process Improvement Principles

  • Total Quality Management
  • Scrum -1
  • Scrum -2
  • Six Sigma
  • When to Use Six Sigma part 1
  • When to Use Six Sigma part 2
  • When to Use Six Sigma part 3

You will learn

  • Students looking to get an introduction to Lean Management
  • Professionals looking to get an introduction to Lean Management
  • Learn all basics of Lean Management
  • Learn how to make your processes more efficient
  • Overview of Other Process Improvement Principles
  • Overview of Six Sigma
  • Overview of Total Quality Management
  • six sigma white belt
  • Lean
  • lean management concepts and principles
  • lean manufacturing and how to improve processes
  • value stream mapping basics

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