Become the Ultimate Certified MuleSoft Architect – MCIA/MCPA

Become the Ultimate Certified MuleSoft Architect – MCIA/MCPA. The goal of this course is to help aspiring MuleSoft architects, like you, to quickly gain the practical, real-world skills necessary to become a MuleSoft architect. This course is the ultimate guide to MuleSoft platform architecture (MCPA) and MuleSoft integration architecture (MCIA), and the course will help you gain knowledge to pass both exams. More importantly, it will provide you the skills required so you can quickly start implementing the designs and concepts taught in the course so you can be successful as a MuleSoft architect.

Additionally, leveraging years of experience in the MuleSoft architect role with clients in a variety of industries, the course content includes the most important information for a MuleSoft architect to be successful in the role. In doing this, the course delivers the most value in the least amount of time. The goal for students is to quickly gain the well-rounded MuleSoft architecture knowledge needed to achieve success as a MuleSoft architect.

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Ultimately, a MuleSoft architect needs both MCIA and MCPA knowledge to be effective in the role in the real world, so this course delivers the knowledge necessary from both aspects of the Anypoint Platform. In the end, the MCIA and MCPA certifications are highly valuable. However, it’s important to remember that the certifications are a foundation and an extension of the vital skills and experience necessary to become a MuleSoft architect. This course’s primary focus is to help you build the skills you will need as a MuleSoft architect working with any organization.

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Course Goals

  1. Gain the real-world skills necessary to be successful on the job as a MuleSoft architect
  2. Gain knowledge required to pass the MCIA and MCPA exams
  3. Pass MuleSoft architect interviews

Course Design

The course is designed so that the most important knowledge you will need is delivered to you in a concise manner. Then, the content is reinforced through design scenarios that use real-world use cases to get you hands-on and practicing implementing the concepts. The course is meant for you to practice and implement real designs so that you are ready when the use cases present themselves on the job.

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