Beginner’s Guide to Android App Development

Beginner’s Guide to Android App Development. Get started with android app development and learn to build your first Currency Converter App in Android Studio.

Beginner’s Guide to Android App Development Course content

1 section • 14 lectures • 1h 59m total length

Introduction to Android Studio14 lectures • 2hr

  • Hardware and Software Requirements01:24
  • Installing Android Studio on MacOS04:42
  • Installing Android Studio on Windows11:03
  • Creating an Android Studio Project02:57
  • Android Studio Overview11:21
  • Setting up a good Android Emulator03:11
  • Configuring your real device for testing01:43
  • Formatting Text12:59
  • Buttons10:43
  • TextFields22:30
  • Displaying Messages12:51
  • Images09:25
  • Currency Converter13:23
  • Bonus Lecture: How to access the full course?01:35


  • No programming experience needed. You will learn everything in this course
  • A computer/laptop and enthusiasm to learn is required


Welcome to this course!

In this course you would be learning Android App Development using the most popular IDE called Android Studio. You will also learn programming languages like Java and XML. We will starting by learning how to install and configure Android Studio for Android App Development. We will then configure the IDE theme and after that we set up a virtual device for testing. We also configure a real android device to testing.

Then, we get to know an overview of the IDE. After that we would be building small test apps for learning purposes. In the process we will learn about TextViews, Buttons, EditText, Displaying Messages and ImageView. At the end we will be building a Currency Converter App using all the knowledge that we have learned so far.

After completing this course you would have a strong foundation in Android App Development. Don’t feel shy to rewatch any lecture. As a beginner it is very common to rewatch the videos. In many lectures there are challenges. Make sure you at least attempt them.

This course is very beginner friendly and is made in such a way that anyone can get started with Android Development. Believe me it would be an exciting learning process. I am exited to see you in the course.

Thank You!

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners in Android App Development in Android Studio
  • Beginners in Java and Xml
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