Biofloc Technology for High Intensity Indoor Shrimp Farming

Biofloc Technology for High Intensity Indoor Shrimp Farming. Basics of setting up an High intensity indoor shrimp (L Vannamei) farming unit with Biofloc Technology

Biofloc Technology has been a game-changing method in culturing species like L Vannamei (Pacific White Shrimp), Tiliapia, Jade Perch, Tiger Shrimp, and many more. Substantial savings are obtained by adopting this method, as the biofloc technology provides additional nutrients to the culture species. Furthermore, the biofloc technology enables farms to adopt a zero water exchange method and greatly improves their bio-security.

The course consists of 23 lectures which includes a vast array of explanatory video, practical sessions, and even business models to help you understand.  We even provide you with some of the exercises that are used to enforce some of the theory in the biofloc technology.

The course is designed to help participants understand the basics and the risk of the shrimp aquaculture, and at the same time have a good grasp on the main concepts. The course is very comprehensive, and designed to address your greatest concerns about biofloc systems.

  1. Learn the basics of setting up a farm for selection of tank size, species, and tank design
  2. Understand the basic of having good management of culture water
  3. Understand how biofloc technology is viable for the future
  4. Learn how to manage and calculate the feed supply to the shrimp
  5. Understand the capital investment and operating costs.
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