Blazor – Rapid and Practical Course

Blazor – Rapid and Practical Course free for all user. Let’s build a webshop in Blazor. Will learn the Microsoft Blazor in a rapid and practical way in this complete course.

Blazor – Rapid and Practical Course Requirements

  • Knowledge in any web programming language

Blazor – Rapid and Practical Course Description

Are you interested to learn Blazor ? 

This course is very-very hands on, much practical, less theoretical.

For professionals with at least some knowledge in any web programming language.

This is not a complete guide, it is a big boost, so you can immediately lay the foundation for your project coding. This means that you will learn at least 80% of the things you have ever used in any professional and commercial Web projects in Blazor: use RestAPI, navigation and routing, service classes, components, differences between servers, Webassembly and PWA, Page style, conditional rendering, rendering data collection, http error handling, templates, reusable components, debugging, etc. , You are the right person for this course.

We will jointly develop an online store that sells computing devices using fictitious brands and models (not using trademarks and logos) from the ground up. This is an online store, not money.

It uses points like a normal online store aimed at loyalty programs, but you will face the common problems of online stores: login, registration, category, shopping cart, etc…

Who this course is for:

  • Developers with at least experience in one web language


Blazor – Rapid and Practical Course

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