Build a Augmented Reality Dartboard Game with Unity 2022

Build a Augmented Reality Dartboard Game with Unity 2021 paid course free. You will Learn to develop Augmented Reality (AR) Game from scratch, Using AR Foundation, Monetization, Publish Game to Play Store

  • Learn Augmented Reality (AR) from scratch with Unity2021.
  • Build a AR Dartboard game in which players throw small missiles, also known as darts, at a circular target, known as a “dartboard”.
  • AR game design and game development that will help you build your own games.
  • Step by step from scratch guide to AR app development till the publishing of the app.
  • App Monetization (Unity ads) covering Unity editor settings and Unity dashboard.
  • Learn how to create a production build with the right settings.
  • Step by step guide to publishing your app on Google Play Store.
  • High Level Overview to publishing your app on Apple App Store.
  • Guide to resolve different issues while publishing your AR app to Google Play.

Build a Augmented Reality Dartboard Game with Unity Course Requirements

  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • Basic understanding of Unity and C# Programming language

Build a Augmented Reality Dartboard Game with Unity Course Description

Learn how to create an augmented reality (AR) application/game from scratch in Unity 2021. Before this interactive course, it was not easy to develop an augmented reality game from scratch. You will create your first augmented reality game from start to finish through monetization, and you will gain the experience of publishing it on the Google Play Store. What is this augmented reality game about?

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AR Dart is an augmented reality game in which players can launch small missiles. , Also known as darts, in a round target, called “dart board”. We will use the Augmented Reality (AR) feature of the Unity game engine together with AR Foundation to actually develop this application step by step. The AR technology used in this project can be used in any of your projects. So you can develop your own AR ideas in one way

What You Will Learn?

  1. Introduction to Unity, Augmented Reality, Dartboard Game
  2. Download and Install Unity Using HUB
  3. Create Your First Unity Project
  4. Basic Understanding of Unity Editor
  5. Setting up Project with AR Foundation
  6. Create First AR Scene
  7. Adding a 3D Cube in AR and accessing a device camera
  8. Adding Visuals to detected Surface
  9. Restrict Scan only to Vertical Area
  10. Changing or beautifying the surface detection scanning visuals
  11. Create a Placement Indicator
  12. Place a Dartboard on the Wall
  13. Restrict to Place a Single Dartboard
  14. Disable Marker and Surface Detection after placing Dartboard
  15. Instantiate a Dartboard and Throw a Dart and Load Next Dart
  16. Dart Stick to Dartboard using Colliders
  17. Performance Tips for AR Apps
  18. Show Player Distance From Dartboard in Real Time
  19. Sound Integration
  20. Monetization Unity Ads and Create a Android Production Build
  21. Publishing App on Google Play Store
  22. App Publishing Overview on Apple AppStore
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Content and overview:

Each conference is solving a sub-problem, and finally we have a step-by-step practical lecture on the whole project in this course32. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to create AR applications/games in Unity, this course will help you a lot. It can also help you create a final year project for a university or college. This course is designed for absolute beginners, but at the same time, you must have basic programming knowledge. Unity packages include 2D/3D scripts or assets that are attached to meetings that use them. You can download and import them into your practice project to match your project with the course. The 2D/3D assets and scripts for this course are attached to the previous lesson, and you can download them to use in your own projects.

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This course benefit to:

  • Unity Developers who want to learn Augmented Reality App/Game development using Unity.
  • Students who want to create a practical project using Unity latest version with C# from scratch.
  • Want to add monetization in your unity project.
  • Want to publish your first project to Apple or Google app Stores with practical knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are interested in Augmented Reality (AR).


Build a Augmented Reality Dartboard Game with Unity

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