Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots

Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots paid course free. You will learn how to implement an AI-powered bot on Salesforce from start to finish

  • Build and deploy an Einstein Bot on the Salesforce platform
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of building a NLP-powered chatbot
  • Create basic dialog flows using declarative no-code configuration
  • Learn how to extend out-of-the-box functions using simple Apex classes
  • Use best practices for managing and optimizing your Bot
  • Deploy your Bot on to your website or community

Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots Course Requirements

  • Basic Knowledge of Salesforce and Service Cloud

Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots course Description

This course will teach you how to use Einstein bots to create chatbots directly on the Salesforce platform. Einstein Bot Builder provides a very easy-to-use graphical interface to create a complete robot in a few hours. This course focuses on setting up a basic chatbot to meet the needs of small businesses that want to increase contact center deviation and self-service.

You will learn the following: How to set up and prepare your organization for Einstein Bots How to teach your bots to answer basic customer common questions Add natural language processing (NLP) so that your bots have an in-depth understanding of what your users are saying about the merge process and The code is used to run Apex strategies for custom business logic in Salesforce, to maintain and optimize your bots when expanding. You do it.

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You don’t need to know how to write Apex for this course because it focuses on using no code. The declarative solution to get your robot off the ground.

With Einstein Bots, you can take advantage of all the objects and data existing in your organization without the need for third-party integration. Now is the time to use Einstein robots to bring your contact center into the 21st century!

This course is developed using the free developer edition organization. Your business organization may require additional licenses to enable Einstein Bot in your production organization. For more information on license terms, please contact your Salesforce AE.

Who this course is for:

  • Salesforce Developers looking to implement Einstein Bots in their org
  • SFDC Admins who want to understand Einstein Bots’ features and ROI
  • Contact Center professionals who want to achieve greater efficiency and higher customer satisfaction using a chatbot on Salesforce


Build a Chatbot on Salesforce using Einstein Bots

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