Build a Doodle Jump game in javascript

Build a Doodle Jump game in javascript paid course free. You will Build a doodle jump game from scratch, learn javascript game development

Build a Doodle Jump game in javascript Course Requirements

  • javascript
  • css


This course is simply created as a fun weekend project, to help you build a classic Doodle jump game in javascript.

I will go through the building process line by line to explain and help you understand how to build this fun game. We begin from scratch, with a new project and start building our game step by step.

I will not explain the fundamentals like what a function or a variable are, but I will explain each line of code to show you what it does and why.

We will build a simple game engine, simple graphics and simple gameplay, enough for this game to work fine on all browsers out there. At the end, you will have a working, playable game that you can enjoy. Also, you will have a better idea of how games are implemented on a basic level on javascript, and how to structure your code.

Not only do we build the game and you have a working application at the end, but you also get to enjoy the classic game of doodle jump that was very popular back in the day. You can also publish it if you like.

So if you enjoy a bit of nostalgia and are interested in building this game, sign up for this course and let’s get started.

Who this course is for:

  • javascript developers
  • general developers


Build a Doodle Jump game in javascript

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