Build a Shopping Cart App with React, Node, and Stripe

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Build a Shopping Cart App with React, Node, and Stripe free download paid course from google drive. You will learn Code and deploy a complete fullstack e-commerce app using React, Node, Stripe, and Heroku from scratch in this complete course.

  • How to build a full-stack shopping cart application with React, Node, and Stripe
  • Ways to add, update and delete items from their shopping cart
  • Best patterns for building and deploying React applications, using React Hooks
  • How to build and deploy robust applications using Heroku

Build a Shopping Cart App with React, Node, and Stripe Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of React

Build a Shopping Cart App with React, Node, and Stripe Course Description

Learn how to build a complete online store and shopping cart using React, Node and Stripe!

The shopping cart app you build will feature:

  • A complete gallery of products that users can pick from
  • An attractive and responsive, mobile-first app design, ideal for all devices
  • Dedicated pages for each product, with several user actions
  • The ability for users to add or remove multiple products to your cart
  • A live count of the quantity and number of items in the user’s cart
  • A cart screen where users can manage their products
  • Checkout buttons where users can instantly go to checkout their items
  • A secure, credit-card checkout process using the very popular Stripe Checkout
  • A “thank you” screen that summarizes customer purchases

In this course, you will:

  • Create an impressive React frontend that displays our products
  • Make a professionally styled user interface using TailwindCSS
  • Build an entire Node API for products and checkout
  • Fetch and display data using next-level React hooks
  • Add, update and remove items from your cart
  • Charge customers with Stripe Checkout
  • Deploy our final app live to the web with Heroku

This shopping cart application is a robust, practical project that you can use to create your own business, sell goods to customers, and serves as a great additional to your developer portfolio.

You’ll learn the skills and best practices that allow you to build apps in hours, not weeks.

Plus, we’ll learn cutting edge React features and best practices that aren’t featured in any other courses.

Join me and build a complete shopping cart app with React, Node and Stripe!

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner/intermediate React developers wanting to build a full-scale app
  • Developers who want to make a practical React project that can be used in the real world
  • React/JavaScript coders looking to level-up their skills through meaningful projects


Build a Shopping Cart App with React, Node, and Stripe Course Buy wit Above Link In Udemy

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