Build A Slack Chat App With React Redux And Firebase

Free Course-Build A Slack Chat App With React Redux And Firebase free download Paid Course from google drive. Download this course free offline and enjoy it. Create full-stack apps with React, Redux, and Firebase, among other tools in the React development system. Build fully React apps from scratch, from setting up their dev environment to deployment on the web. Through this course, you Integrate Redux and Firebase with React apps using straightforward, practical patterns. Learn every major part of Firebase 5-You will Learn the real-time database, storage, rules, listeners, and deployment with Firebase tools

Build A Slack Chat App With React Redux And Firebase Requirements

  • Bit experience with React (i.e. having built a couple of projects with React Create App)
  • Basic knowledge of ES6 features will help (spread operators, destructuring, object shorthand syntax)

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Build A Slack Chat App With React Redux And Firebase Course Description

This is what we will cover:

  • Making a total Slack talk application with React, Redux, and Firebase 5 without any preparation
  • Sending and accepting messages quickly with the continuous Firebase Database
  • Transferring and showing picture messages utilizing Firebase Storage
  • Notices to show new messages on different channels
  • Sending Direct Messages to different clients in our talk
  • Following/indicating when clients are on the web/disconnected
  • Looking through messages inside made channels
  • Custom animations to see when different clients are composing in a similar channel
  • Making, editing, and transferring client symbols
  • The capacity to top choice/unfavorite public channels
  • Add emoticons to our messages with an Emoji Picker segment
  • Client validation with Firebase
  • Structure approval for our Login and Register structures
  • State the board with Redux, with basic, clear examples
  • Making dazzling UIs with Semantic UI React
  • Basic highlights of React Router 4 (Switch part, without HOC, history object)
  • Huge loads of work with ES6/7
  • Supportive program apparatuses, for example, React/Redux Dev Tools
  • Protecting our application with Firebase Rules
  • Sending our visit application to the web utilizing Firebase Tools
  • Console alternate routes to quickly send messages

Who this course is for:
Anyone who has a minimum of two months of experience with the JavaScript library React
React developers interested in making functional, real-world apps

Developers looking for more experience with the JavaScript language in a practical setting

Created by Reed Barger
Last updated 4/2021
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 2.99 GB

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