The Build a SAAS App with Flask Course Free Download 2021

Free Course-Build a SAAS App with Flask Course free and Download paid training Course free to google drive. See how to build a large application in steps. Build complex web applications and websites.

Bid for Flask / Web Development Freelance Work

The confidence to apply for flask positions in software companies
Proficiency with server-side development and databases
Excellent Docker-based development environment

Build a SAAS App with Flask Course Requirements

Computer running Windows, OSX, or Linux
Very basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
No paid software is required to complete the course (all software used in the course is free).

Build a SAAS App with Flask Course Description

Do you want to create a wonderful web application, but not sure where to start?

Hello, I am Nick and for the past year, I have been teaching thousands of happy students how to use web applications with Docker.

Now I teach you to develop a Production Ready Web Application confidently.

Most learning material out there will only teach you to create toy examples and create lines like “don’t want to do this in production” … but then they never tell you the actual way to do it.

Imagine how awful you feel after spending all your time and hard-earned money, but you still have to do tons of research to get your project done. I’ve been there, done that and it’s not fun.

Instead, much of the codebase in my curriculum is more rigorous than running in production on multiple projects.

I will explain your thought process to the way we create several thousand line applications at once.

You feel the need to be confident in building your web applications.

Here is what you are learning by taking my course:

Learn to use Docker to “dock” web applications

Build a SAAS App with Flask Course Free Download

Learn how to build a Python 2 and 3 compatible codebase
Learn to use PostgresSQL, Redis, and Celeri with Flask
Create a fully developed user management system
Create a flexible custom admin interface
Accept both recurring and micro transport credit card payments
Deal with HTML templates and JSON responses
Logging, middleware, and error management
Database Migration and Internationalization (i18n)
“I have been working with Flask for the last 3 years and am a technical reviewer on the Mastering Flask Packet Book, however, I am learning a lot from you. – Pedro B. ”

Recommended Course:

What makes flask work great?

Minimal and easy to get started
Lightning-fast (works with Pinterest’s API 12+ billion requests/day flask)
Powerful community and ecosystem (hundreds of high-quality extensions)
Free and profitable for consultation
Why is Docker worth using?

Setting up a development environment saves you tons of headaches
Easily move the environment or application to the server
“Well, it worked on my machine!” Disables such issues.
Developing with teams makes for a more enjoyable experience
You don’t need expensive hosting to run your web application.
You can’t become a flask master by doing my course, but you can also count on developing web applications so that you can command hourly rates as a software developer.

This can be done by raising your rates as a freelancer or by discussing a higher salary in your job. During my years working as a consultant and talking to a lot of developers, I was told that many developers do not believe in their ability to complete the work they want.

Some of them are even afraid to bid or accept contract work.

This is actually a very common problem and has been described as “imposter syndrome”. I’ve been suffering with it for a long time and it cost me thousands of dollars and now I want to save you

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