C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners

C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners paid course free. You will learn to make games using industry-standard C++ and Raylib

  • How to write games in C++ from scratch
  • The basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Programming fundamentals (inc variables, loops and if-statements)
  • Clean coding practices and principles
  • How to compile and run your C++ games and apps
  • Problem solving and debugging basics with C++
  • How to use the Raylib simple games library
  • How to animate 2D characters

C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners Course Requirements

  • Comfortable installing new software
  • Excited to learn programming

C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners Course Description

Learning to program can be dull, and learning C++ is hard enough without having to learn a game engine as well.

In this course, we teach you to program and make games in a fun way! We will use a library so that you can focus on learning pure C++ and good programming practices. You will first compile the first C++ program, using Visual Studio Code as the text editor. Next, use the Raylib library to create your first ax dodge game.

This project introduces the basics of programming: variables, loops, and if statements. You expanded this in Dapper Dasher and built a side-scrolling racing game. In addition to covering basic programming concepts such as structure and functions, you will also learn how to animate 2D characters and make your game look beautiful. At Classy Clash, we introduced object-oriented programming. You will learn how this simplifies game programming and how inheritance avoids code duplication.

Whether you are a beginner in programming and want to learn pure C++, or an intermediate Unreal student who wants to explore creating games in pure C++, this is the course for you!

There are no prerequisites for this course, but if you are satisfied with installing new software and are excited about learning to code, it will help! All students have access to the Q&A forum, and our teachers, teaching assistants, and community are always ready to help answer your questions and encourage you to succeed.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to learn C++ in a fun way
  • Total beginners to programming who want to learn pure C++
  • Intermediate students of Unreal who want to explore making games in pure C++

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/cpp-fundamentals/

C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners

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