C# / ASP.NET Core / MVC / API – Top 500 Interview Questions

C# / ASP.NET Core / MVC / API – Top 500 Interview Questions Course designed to help you ace the interview process. This course covers topics such as problem-solving, programming concepts, and interviewing techniques. It also offers plenty of practice questions to help you improve your skills. If you are looking to improve your job prospects, this is an essential course for you.

ASP.NET Core Interview Questions can be difficult to understand for someone who is not familiar with programming, so it can be helpful to take a free course online that covers the basics of ASP.NET Core Interview Questions. 

There is no better way to improve your coding skills than by taking online coding courses. These courses teach the basics of web development, including how to build simple websites using popular frameworks like MVC and API.

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C# / ASP.NET Core / MVC / API – Top 500 Interview Questions

However, before you can start your journey you must learn this course, there are a few important things you need to know. Here are some interview questions that will help you prepare for any coding job interview.

You will Learn

  • How to Crack DotNet Technology Interviews
  • 500 DotNet Interview Question and Answers
  • 5 DotNet Mock Interview for Practice
  • DotNet Interview Preparation

Are you checking out multiple websites and videos for collecting the interview questions?

Your search is over here. All .NET interview questions are covered in this question bank.

This course contains 200 most important questions + 300 more questions for practice.

The instructor has more than 13 years of experience in DotNet technologies and given and taken more than 100 interviews in his career.

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This course has 4 things with in it:

1. Top 200 most important questions with their answers in the VIDEO LECTURES

Here are the topics covered:

  • OOPS
  • C#
  • SQL

2.  500 Interview Questions Book (pdf and docx format) – This book will contain 200 + 300 Remaining questions which will help candidates to do a QUICK REVISION of all the questions just before the interview.


You can check this with the help of this practical excel. If you marked 70% of questions as “Prepared” then you are ready for an interview.

4. MOCK INTERVIEWS – This course also contains 5 mock interviews which will help you in practicing interviews. These mock

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    interviews contain the most basic and most important interview questions.

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return it and get all your money back, no questions asked. In other words, you don’t risk anything by purchasing this course. You have nothing to lose, and the knowledge you will gain may take your career to the next level.

All the best for your interview preparation.


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