CBT: Complete psychotherapy Certificate Course

CBT: Complete psychotherapy Certificate Course. CBT is an intensive, short-term, problem-oriented approach, psychotherapy, depression, anxiety, stress, certification.CBT is an intensive, short-term,  problem-oriented approach. It was designed to be quick, practical, and goal-oriented and to provide people with long-term skills to keep them healthy.

Complete psychotherapy Certificate Course

The focus of cbt is on the problems that come up in a person’s day-to-day life. cbt helps people to look at how they interpret and evaluate what is happening around them and the effects these perceptions have on their emotional experience.

Childhood experiences and events, while not the focus of cbt, may also be reviewed. This review can help people to understand and address emotional upset that emerged early in life, and to learn how these experiences may influence current responses to events

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According to cbt, the way people feel is linked to the way they think about a situation and not simply to the nature of the situation itself

In cbt, you learn to identify, question, and change the thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions related to your problematic emotional and behavioral reactions to certain kinds of situations.

By monitoring and recording your thoughts during situations that lead to emotional upset, you learn that the way you think can contribute to emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. In cbt, you learn to reduce these emotional problems by • identifying distortions in your thinking • seeing thoughts as ideas about what is going on rather than as facts • “standing back” from your thinking to consider situations from different viewpoints

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For cbt to be effective, you must be open and willing to discuss your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and to participate in exercises during sessions. For best results, you must also be willing to do homework between sessions.

What you’ll learn

  • To identify and challenge any negative thinking patterns and behaviour which may be causing you difficulties
  • Enable you to change your behaviour in future.
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • eating problems
  • psychosis
  • depression
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in CBT
  • Anyone who has the passion for learning

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