Chat Application with Javascript Jquery And Firebase

Chat Application with Javascript Jquery And Firebase. Learn Firebase in deep with making your own chat application. Welcome to this course, this course assumes you have no prior knowledge of firebase. By the end of this course, you’ll be at a high intermediate level of using firebase in all of your projects. You will also be able to make use of javascript and jquery in an effective way in your future projects. You will have much knowledge to use databases without any backend server using firebase.

Chat Application with Javascript Jquery And Firebase

This course gives you practical knowledge on how things work in a real chat application we will start with setting firebase and installing needed software that provides a warming environment and then we will start making our chat application step by step.

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This course is divided into a number of sections each section contains videos to develop functionality that helps us in making our chat application. You will get to know about how firebase works with its security rules by the end of this course you have an intermediate knowledge to use firebase with javascript and jquery in your future projects.


  • A pc with internet connection

What is included in this course

  • Lectures
  • Resource

Covered in this course

  • Setup vs code
  • Setup UI of chat application
  • Functionality of signin with google
  • Functionality of signup with email and password with email verification
  • Functionality to retrieve users data from firebase
  • Functionality to send messages to users
  • Functionality to fetch message at realtime
  • Functionality to update online or offline status of users at realtime
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Outcome of this course

  • You will be able to use firebase in all of your future projects
  • You will be able to make effective use of javascript and jquery
  • you will have knowledge of how chat application works behind the scene in real life

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to use javascript in an effective way.
  • Learn to make use of jquery with javascript.
  • Learn in deep about firebase and it’s realtime database
  • Learn to make your own chat application with javascript jquery and firebase
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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Javascript Developers who wants to learn firebase
  • Students who wants to use database without backend server
  • Students who want to use firebase for their other projects

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