Chinese Lesson For Beginners Conversations

Chinese Lesson For Beginners Conversations. Learn to speak Chinese with a native speaker – Mandarin for beginner-intermediate level

What you’ll learn

  • Start speaking real, grammatically correct Chinese fluently and effortlessly today.
  • Be confident regarding your Mandarin speaking skills by lots of practice during every lesson. Understand and use familiar everyday expressions.
  • By the end of the course, you will have built and developed your practical communication skills in Mandarin speaking, listening, and comprehension.
  • Naturally understand the structure of Mandarin Chinese
  • Go from complete beginner to building your own sentences after the very first lesson
  • Build a solid base vocabulary of words and phrases you can use straight away in the real world
  • Understand and use grammatical and linguistic features of Mandarin Chinese
  • Reach your Chinese language goals now! Increase your opportunities for both personal and professional success.


  • Some privacy. Study in a quiet room where you can practice speaking freely.
  • Listen to the phrases carefully and plant the sound in your ear as firmly as possible.
  • Repeat the words and phrases. This is a speaking course, so listening will not be enough. Repeat and imitate.
  • (Optional) Voice recording app for the Speaking Task at the end of the course

Chinese Lesson For Beginners Course Description

Is this a bad time?
There is nothing more thrilling than being able to speak one of the most difficult languages in the world.
Welcome to Aux Lingo. In this course you’re going to learn to speak authentic Chinese. Our beginner course is highly practical and will follow you anywhere. Your instructor is going to be Tony Wei. With over 7 years of teaching experience Tony is a great match for this course because he is great at teaching authentic Chinese speaking and pronunciation, as well as useful words and phrases, listening and sentence structure.

A problem for some
This is going to sound horrible. Unfortunately, in this course we don’t teach the writing of the artful Chinese characters (Hàn zì) because Chinese writing system is extremely difficult and different from the speaking system. Learning to speak and write at the same time would make the course mentally exhausting. So, we’re keeping it simple: you’re going to focus on speaking, listening, vocabulary and sentence structure. Does this sound crazy?

Speaking first
Many learners (our students included) prefer to stick with Pinyin, which is a system that spells out Chinese sounds using English alphabet. Pinyin is not a language, but it’s a great pronunciation tool and without it, you’ll find it difficult to get used to the sounds of Mandarin. It’s the very first thing you should learn in Chinese. In fact, Chinese kids learn Mandarin in much the same way – they start with Pinyin in primary school before they graduate to characters. If you get pronunciation wrong from the start, you will not be able to pronounce new words correctly later on in your studies.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Chinese learners
  • Beginner to intermediate learners who don’t want to miss out on authentic pronunciation practice
  • Mandarin learners who need a headstart before taking HSK exams
  • Foreigners living in China
  • People travelling to China
  • People who would like to communicate with their Chinese friends

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