Clean transform and load data in Power BI

Clean transform and load data in Power BI. Power BI Desktop is an application that helps connect, extract, transform, load, model, and visualize data. Power BI Desktop also assists in building report and model data.

Clean transform and load data in Power BI

Data cleaning is the process that removes data that does not belong in your dataset. Data transformation is the process of converting data from one format or structure into another.

Data comes in an unformatted structure, and it requires a skill set to format the data and extract valuable insights from it. To analyze and extract data, we need a tool, and if someone asks me which tool I use for analyzing the data; Without a second thought, I will name Power BI. Undoubtedly, Power BI transforms data in a correlative and interactive manner to analyze, extract and visualize it.

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Sometimes we get data from various data sources which are not in a format that can be easily transformed using simple methods in Microsoft Power BI. This might be due to the complexity and structure of the dataset. Thus, it becomes a hectic task to write simple DAX calculations from the datasets or even use it in any form in Power BI development.  It is usually better to transform such datasets into forms that would require less complex DAX calculations with easily read and understood formats. This can be achieved within Power Query.

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Power Query has an incredible amount of features that are dedicated to helping you clean and prepare your data for analysis. You will learn how to simplify a complicated model, change data types, rename objects, and pivot data.

The power query editor is the built-in Business Intelligence instrument present in Power BI Desktop to clean and transform your data. Any changes in the data are made with the help of Power Query Editor. All of the functions we will perform in this blog are done on Power query Editor.

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What you’ll learn

  • Connect to data source
  • Create and manage query groups
  • Rename queries
  • Split columns
  • Change data types
  • Create conditional columns
  • Connect to files in a folder
  • Append queries
  • Merge queries
  • Transform less structured data
  • Create tables

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Data Analyst
  • Beginners to Power BI

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