Coding for Kids – Scratch Programming for Beginners

Coding for Kids – Scratch Programming for Beginners paid course free. You will Learn Coding with Scratch – Programming for Kids – Scratch Programming Fundementals – Coding for Kids 101

  • You will learn how to code with scratch
  • You will learn the fundamentals of programming
  • You will work on fun and intuitive coding projects
  • Coding for Kids
  • Scratch Programming
  • Scratch Coding
  • Basic Commands
  • Loops
  • Coding Syntax
  • Designing Algorithms
  • Executing Commands

Coding for Kids – Scratch Programming for Beginners Course Requirements

  • No prior experience required
  • A Laptop or a PC (Windows, Mac, etc.)

Coding for Kids – Scratch Programming for Beginners Course Description

Hello, my name is Schöwenhaus. I am one of Udemy’s best lecturers. In this course, I will teach how to use MIT’s excellent programming tool Scratch to code! Scratch is an easy-to-use programming software with a user-friendly user interface and drag-and-drop function. The ease of use of this tool makes it the best way for children and/or beginners to learn the basics of coding while creating fun and exciting games or projects.

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In this course, we will learn how to code by hands-on. We moved from one project to another, learning how to use various important concepts, such as loops, conditions, object-oriented programming and streaming media to achieve the program effects we want. The projects we make are designed to be fun and interesting to attract children and allow them to pay the most attention to the concepts we intend to learn together.

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The projects we programmed together in this course include guessing numbers, paint, racing, asteroid shooting, and lifeguards. This is an interesting game that uses the motion detection of a webcam to allow you to Waving in real life. All of these and more are interesting and exciting programs that we will do together, because we have learned all these important basics, and every future programmer must fully learn and conceptualize it.

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The steps in the whole process are thorough, with great care in details, in order to provide children with learning opportunities to the maximum.

Interesting but interesting project! It is very important for us to let the children who participate in the course enjoy this process, because it will keep them engaged and eager to learn; that is to say, it is equally important to learn to the maximum in these interesting projects, because it is more important to learn when doing so.


All questions are answered within 24 hours; if you or your child have any questions about any topic, you can contact us directly to ask questions and get feedback on your questions within one day. Of course… 30-day money-back guarantee! Therefore, there is no loss in registering and trying courses.

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Who this course is for:

  • For Kids of All Age
  • For Kids who Want to Learn Programming
  • For Parents who Want their Kids to Learn Coding from a Young Age
  • For Parents who Want Their Kids to Learn the Fundrmentals of Programming


Coding for Kids – Scratch Programming for Beginners

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