Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics

Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics. Coding is an important skill for kids to learn, and there are many different coding languages to choose from. Python is a popular language for coding, and it’s easy to learn. HTML, CSS, and Math are also important skills for kids to learn, and these languages can be used to create websites or create graphics. Robotics is another field that can use coding skills, and there are many different programming languages available for robotics.

Coding is a great way to teach kids about computers and programming. Scratch is a simple programming language that kids can use to create games and animations. Python is a popular programming language that can be used for scientific and data analysis tasks. Html is the markup language used to create websites. CSS allows web designers to control the look and feel of a website. Math is essential for coding, as it helps with calculations and problem solving. Robotics enables kids to create their own robots using code.

Computer programming is a process of turning written instructions into a form that a computer can understand. Programming languages are designed to make this process easier by providing specific commands that the computer can execute. These commands allow the programmer to control the actions of the computer without having to know how every individual component works.

  • Master various Programming concepts with ease & fun and apply them to more than 10 software
  • Create interactive applications like Quiz systems & Calculators using Scratch programming
  • Construct 3 – Learn the Professional Game Engine and build real interactive games – like platformer & Tank Fights
  • Create applications to build 2D / 3D Shapes & Patterns through Programming
  • Build very interesting Games using Scratch
  • Create Animations & Stories using simple programming concepts
  • Python: Build various shapes using Turtle graphics
  • Build numerous mathematical applications with advanced Python Programming like Student Grades Calculator, number series, etc.
  • Create a website using HTML coding & style the website using CSS concepts
  • Build & Design a Website using WordPress
  • Take your website to live for free, use various themes & plugins for WordPress
  • Learn Circuit Building – LED’s Motors, Sensors, Robots
  • Program Electronics Chips – Arduino, Chibichip

Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics Course Requirements

  • You only need a computer and enthusiasm to learn something new

Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics Course Description

Coding Megacourse : 9 courses in 1

# this course is developed with 7+ years of extensive work in the field of STEM training. I have trained students from 6yrs of age till 22 yrs. I have incorporated all my learnings in the teaching methodology in this course, to make it easy, fun & result oriented.

This Course is divided in 3 Parts

  1. Block Based Programming (it has 6 different Courses)
  2. Moving from Block Based programming to Text Based Programming (it has 1 course)
  3. Text Based programming (it has 2 different Courses)

PART-1: Block Based programming – Here we will learn concepts of Programming with easy drag & drop software. Here are the 6 courses we will cover in this part

1. Learning basics of Programming by generation of Visual Designs

  • 3D Design – Program and build 3D shapes & patterns
  • 3D Printing – Learn to 3D print the designs built

2. Application of programming

  • Electronics Programming, Control & Simulation – Working with 2 Electronic Chips
  • Robotics Programming, Control & Simulation – Programming Lego, Arduino
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3. SCRATCH Programming & Gaming

  • Learn basics of programming through movement of sprites
  • Build application like Quiz & Calculator using Scratch
  • Build animations & Stories using Scratch
  • Build Games using scratch Programming

4. Developing games with a Professional Game Engine – CONSTRUCT 3

  • Learn the Game engine & build your own interactive games
  • Build 3 very interesting Games with ease

5. Web Designing with WORDPRESS

  • Build a real website
  • Make the website live with 0 budget

6. ROBOTICS with Arduino – (no hardware reqd)

  • Basics of Electricity
  • LED Projects – Circuit Building & Programming
  • Motor Projects – Circuit Building & Programming
  • Sensors & robotics – Circuit Building & Programming

PART -2 : Moving from Block Based programming to Text Based Programming – Here we will learn to shift to text programming using turtle graphics programming with python.

7. Moving from Scratch to Python – TURTLE programming

  • Learn the analogy in Scratch & Python
  • Build various shapes in python

PART -3 : Text Based programming – Here we will learn to build applications by writing text programs. We will learn it through

8. PYTHON Programming

  • Learn various Programming concepts like loops, variables, conditional statements & data types.
  • Build mathematical applications like student grade calculator.
  • Build numerical applications like number series, calculator etc.

9. HTML & CSS Programming

  • Build website using HTML programming
  • Style the website using CSS Coding

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What you will learn ??

  • Learn Scratch Programming
  • Learn Scratch Gaming
  • Transition from Scratch to Python
  • Python Programming
  • HTML & CSS Programming
  • 3D Designing, 3D Printing
  • Electronic Chips Control
  • Robotics Programming through Arduino & Lego
  • Learn Math fundamentals through Programming & Gaming
  • Drag & Drop based software to learn programming easily

Learn to create Technology through Programming

  • Build various 3D shapes & print them on 3D printer using Programming
  • Learn to build 2D games on Scratch
  • Learn to build various 2D shapes on Python
  • Control Electronics & Robotics Devices
  • Learn various mathematical operations with Python
  • Learn other programming fundamentals through Scratch Programming
  • Create Website using HTML CSS programming
  • Design Website using WordPress

Learn the Engineering & Math

  • You will learn different programming concepts in an easy way like
    • Loops – For & While
    • Conditional Statements – If & else
    • Using variables 
    • Data Types
  • Sounds boring but you’ll love the way Maths concepts are explained in the course like
    • Number lines
    • X Y Z axes
    • 3D objects (Cube, Cuboid, Pipe, Tubes, etc.)
    • 2D objects (Square, Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon, Circle)
    • Natural numbers
    • Squares/cubes
    • Finding Area / Perimeter
    • Building math Calculators in Scratch & Python

This Mega course is regularly updated with new lectures/courses so that you get the most value out of it & this course can exceed your expectations.

So, Enroll for the course & Enjoy learning !!

Who this course is for:

  • Kids age 7 yrs and above
  • Parents & Teachers
  • STEM Trainers & Educators
  • Anybody planning to start a STEM / Coding/robotics Center


Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics Course Buy from Above Link in Udemy

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