Complete Guide to Programming Automation with R in 2022

Complete Guide to Programming Automation with R in 2021 paid course free for all. You will Learn Programming, Automation, Read and Write Data of every Format, Reporting, Cloud Data, Cloud Scheduling

  • Automate Tasks with R
  • Manipulate Data from Local, Web and Cloud Sources
  • Read and Write CSV, TXT, XLSX
  • Create Formatted Excel Spreadsheets
  • Create Dynamic Reports (Powerpoint, Word, PDF, HTML)
  • Parse Web and PDF Files
  • Parse Email Content and Attachments
  • Schedule Automation – Cloud or Local
  • Send Automated Emails
  • Cloud Solutions – Dropbox and Amazon S3
  • Github Repository Management
  • Linux Server and AWS EC2

Complete Guide to Programming Automation with R Course Requirements

  • Basic Programming (R, Python, SQL) is preferred but not mandatory
  • Some knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
  • Recent version of R and Rstudio: how to install is covered
  • Windows OS is preferred but all code runs on Mac OS as well and the minor differences between Mac and PC will be explained

Complete Guide to Programming Automation with R Course Description

Lean how to Automate every Office and Business task with R

This course provides a comprehensive overview of themany tools and packages that can help you automate your office and business activities.

Materials do not include data science or analysis lessons.

I don’t
study statistics or machine learning.

You do
write complex algorithms or solve crypto graphic puzzles.

we strive to make your life easier and save your business time and money.

This course is the most comprehensive automation course you can find online.

  • After completing this course, you can plan all repetitive activities.
  • Various sources (local drive, web, google sheet, dropbox, amazon)
  • save results without complex SQL database
  • scan emails and attachments for follow up
  • is customized Create excel,powerpoint,word documents

    and result attachments

    export script for automation Schedule or on demand

    cloud dashboard to control automated tasks

    Automation is a very dynamic skill and I learn new skills every day.

    This course is updated approximately twice a month with new skills, packages and features.

    My Experience

    my banking career, I had to schedule hundreds of automatedemail reports to monitor stock market information and portfolio performance on a daily basis. By automating these tasks, I have become very efficient in my time.

    as a consultant, I help dozens of companies automate their normal activities. Automating complex repetitive tasks oftensaves hundreds of hours of manual laboreach month.

    I teach R, C #, Excel / VBAeveryday, and after 600 tutorials, I know exactlywhat tools most people who are learning to code need.
    As a
    you can very quickly acquire new clients who urgently need to improve their business.

    Why R?

    R was chosen because it is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn and suitablefor data manipulation. After all, any office operation is just aboutday-to-day data manipulationand transformation.

    R is open source and part of a large community of developers who create and maintain the packagesreviewed in this course.

    RStudio is probably the best IDE out there for programmers (it also supports C, Python, SQL and other languages).

    What plansare

    R functions are covered as much as possible,but they are very limited.

    will learn aboutallthe packagesrequired for automation tasks.

    dplyr: Handle data with very intuitive syntax

    Cleaner: Clean
    data, remove duplicates, NA, etc.

    stringr: manipulation ofstringsand regular expressions

    class objects

    pdftools: parsing content from a PDF file

    htmltab: parsingan html table from web mailbox to read mail data

    emayili: connect to mailbox to send messages

    HTML table:
    create custom format HTML table

    openxlsxl: Excel file

    Frames: PowerPointdocument read
    and write Word

    flextable: create table formatted as executive content

    rdrop2: connect to dropbox as cloud source
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Who this course is for:

  • Office Workers | Business Managers | Accountants | Financial Administators | Students and Researchers
  • Financial Analysts and Traders who need to Automate their Data Flows
  • Business Consultants who work with large amount of Data
  • Beginners who want to learn R without starting immediately with Statistics, Algorithms and Data Science
  • Data Scientists and R Developers who need to Automate their tasks
  • Excel users who want to switch to Programming
  • R programmers who want to discover what else R can offer


Complete Guide to Programming Automation with R

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