Complete Guide to Redux-Toolkit & RTK Query with React JS

Complete Guide to Redux-Toolkit & RTK Query with React JS. Become a master by learning modern Redux concepts like Redux Toolkit and RTK Query with React. Become a highly-demanded Front-end developer by adding the Redux-Toolkit Skillset into your React knowledge. This course is designed in such a way that anybody can get enroll into this course who wanted to enhance their Redux concept.

Complete Guide to Redux-Toolkit & RTK Query with React JS

** Best thing about this course is that it will get updated from time to time whenever a new concept gets added into the Redux-Toolkit package along with a new project will also get added frequently in this course. So far now, I have added 4 projects in this course**

This project-based course will have you coding right away. Building applications with the help of React and Redux-Toolkit in this course will sharpen your skills in modern web development.

With the help of createAsyncThunk middleware and RTK Query, you will get to know how to work with api in React Application. And I am sure after taking this course you will become a master to implement Redux-Toolkit in any one of your existing React applications.

In this course, you will learn below key concepts related to Redux-Toolkit & RTK Query with React:

  • How Redux-toolkit fits into a front end single page application with React?
  • What is Redux-Toolkit and it’s API ?
  • How to configure store with Redux-Toolkit ?
  • Learn different Redux-Toolkit API like createSlice, configureStore, createAction, createReducer & createAsyncThunk
  • How to make an API request with Redux-Tookit using createAsyncThunk middleware and deal with the response ?
  • Understanding different promise lifecyle that get generated by createAsyncThunk middleware.
  • What is RTK Query and it’s API ?
  • Learn different RTK Query API like createApi & fetchBaseQuery
  • Writting different RTK Query to make HTTP Rest Api request
  • Error handling with RTK Query
  • Learn different design framework like MDB5 and Ant Design to build React component.
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What you will build in this course?

First, we will start with some theoretical concepts like we will try to understand the core problem of React and why we use Redux with React?

After that, we will build 4 applications with Redux-Toolkit and RTK Query to help you understand how to React and Redux-Toolkit work together.

In this course, you will also learn to build a full React CRUD application with the help of Redux-Toolkit & RTK Query using JSON Fake server. For beginner React developers, sticking to JSON-server is recommended.

We will be also learning different design frameworks like Material Design Bootstrap 5 and Ant Design in this course to work on our React components like Table, Form, Button, Card, and many more components we will build with the help of Material Design Boostrap 5 and Ant Design.

What you’ll learn

  • Master fundamental concepts behind structuring Redux-toolkit applications
  • API call with createAsyncThunk middleware
  • CRUD Operation in React with Redux-toolkit
  • Learn different design framework like MDB and Ant Design
  • Form development with React
  • HTTP Rest API Call with RTK Query
  • CRUD Operation in React with RTK Query
  • Learn Modern React JS Hook
  • Learn Functional Component with React
  • Learn Redux-Saga integration with Redux-Toolkit

Who this course is for:

  • The course is designed for Beginner React Developer who wanted to learn the implementation of Redux-Toolkit with React

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