Complete WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course [2022]

Complete WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course [2021] paid course free. You will Learn Everything you need to become a hirable WordPress Developer building custom themes and plugins.

  • PHP for WordPress – The Loop, Conditionals, Hooks and More!
  • How to Work with Child and Starter Themes Like Pro
  • The Ins and Outs of the Template Hierarchy – Always Know What File to Customize
  • How To Enqueue and Work with JavaScript and CSS in Themes
  • The Complete List of Template Tags To Use When Customizing and Extending Themes
  • A Deep Understanding of How to Use Action and Filter Hooks to Programmatically Control WordPress
  • A Solid Starter Template For Building Your Own WordPress Plugins
  • Common Practices and Techniques for Building Custom WordPress Plugins


  • Basic HTML – Know how to build a simple HTML page and work with HTML forms.
  • Basic CSS – Know how to responsively style HTML pages with CSS.
  • Know how to work with Posts, Pages and Custom Content in the WordPress admin area
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WordPress is the main Content Management System available, driving an enormous level of the Web. The requirement for WordPress Developers who can assemble and redo topics and modules is truly developing. Gain from perhaps the most perceived instructors in the WordPress world, Zac Gordon, who has shown a huge number of individuals currently utilized as WordPress Developers.

Assuming you need to take in everything from modifying existing subjects, building custom topics or beginning to fabricate modules, this course is for you. You will learn top to bottom how WordPress functions in the engine, from layout documents and labels to snares and inner APIs. In case you are hoping to construct greater and more custom ventures with WordPress or simply find a decent line of work with an incredible organization building WordPress projects, then, at that point this course is for you. Ensure however you would already be able to construct and style a fundamental website page with HTML and CSS as we expect you definitely know this and spotlight more on learning PHP.

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At the point when you get familiar with the abilities this course contains you will feel unquestionably engaged to fabricate nearly anything you can envision with WordPress. You ought to likewise feel sure working expertly in the field as a WordPress Developer. You will have constructed a subject and module alongside the course just as a topic and module of your own. Continue in the way of thousands of others of Zac’s understudies who scholarly WordPress Development and proceeded to accomplish extraordinary work in the field.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build WordPress Themes
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build WordPress Plugins
  • Anyone with basic HTML and CSS skills who wants to start customizing WordPress Themes
  • Developers who want to learn WordPress Development in more depth
  • Anyone looking to get a job or career in WordPress Development


Complete WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course [2021]

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