CompTIA Security+ – Architecture and Design

The CompTIA Security+ course is designed to help students build a strong foundation in security fundamentals. In this course, students will learn about the various types of networks, how to protect data and systems, and how to detect and respond to security threats. The course also covers effective incident response procedures, including digital forensics.

The CompTIA Security+ certification provides an essential foundation for anyone seeking a career in information security or network administration. Those who pass the assessment will be able to understand basic concepts of network security, protect data by implementing proper authentication and access control measures, identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems, and respond effectively when incidents occur.

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification that covers the principles of network security. The certification is based on the CISSP Exam Objectives which focus on risk management, intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, authentication and access control, and network security operations.

CompTIA Security+ – Architecture and Design

The CompTIA Security+ exam is divided into two sections: Network Security Basics and Advanced Network Security Concepts. The Network Security Basics section covers topics such as firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPSs, host protection, and SSL/TLS encryption. The Advanced Network Security Concepts section includes topics such as cryptography basics (symmetric algorithms including DES and 3DES; public-key algorithms including RSA and Diffie-Hellman; hashing functions such as MD5), advanced malware analysis, and advanced penetration testing.

You will Learn

  • Security concepts in an enterprise environment.
  • virtualization and cloud computing concepts.
  • Secure application development, deployment, and automation concepts
  • Authentication and authorization design concepts
  • Free Flash Cards

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CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that certifies the fundamental skills required to perform key security responsibilities and pursue a career in IT security.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that verifies the fundamental skills needed to perform basic security responsibilities and pursue a career in information security.

A candidate’s initial security certification should be CompTIA Security+. It establishes the foundational knowledge needed for any cybersecurity profession and serves as a stepping stone to intermediate-level cybersecurity positions. Best practices in hands-on troubleshooting are incorporated into Security+, ensuring that candidates have the practical security problem-solving abilities required to:

  1. Assessing an enterprise’s security posture and recommending and implementing relevant security solutions
  2. Hybrid environments, such as cloud, mobile, and IoT, must be monitored and secured.
  3. Operate with a thorough understanding of all applicable laws and policies, including governance, risk, and compliance principles.
  4. Security events and incidents must be identified, analyzed, and responded to.


  1. Explain the importance of security concepts in an enterprise environment.
  2. Summarize virtualization and cloud computing concepts.
  3. Summarize secure application development, deployment, and automation concepts.
  4. Summarize authentication and authorization design concepts.
  5. Given a scenario, implement cybersecurity resilience.
  6. Explain the security implications of embedded and specialized systems.
  7. Explain the importance of physical security controls.
  8. Summarize the basics of cryptographic concepts.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is suitable for people who work as system administrators, network administrators, security administrators, or IT auditors. The certification covers topics such as network security, data encryption and protection, access control and identity management, and software security. This certification is designed to help these professionals know how to protect their networks and data from unauthorized access.

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