Conflict Management How to Resolve a Conflict in a Team

Conflict Management How to Resolve a Conflict in a Team. There Is a Solution For Every Conflict, How to be Resolved. I Will Help You to Put Some Social Science Behind That

What you’ll learn

  • Main Conflict Types and Stages
  • Negative Consequences
  • Positive Consequences
  • Methods of Conflict Management
  • Main Skills For Successful Conflict Management


  • No Previous Knowledge Needed, You Will be Given All The Information about Conflict Management


Conflict Management is not always easy. It’s really time consuming, and can be hard on your nerves. Whenever two sides that have a problem between one another collide – there’s little space to do almost anything to help them resolve it. Happily, Conflict Management is what this course is all about and we will make your life easier when conflict comes.

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Here is this course you are going to learn everything you need to know about conflicts: their nature, the cause of the conflicts, how to manage and suppress them.

You know that at times it is really preferable to prevent a conflict from happening. Well, sometimes it is almost impossible to prevent a conflict at the beginning, so we have to resolve it in a way that would benefit both sides. You will learn exactly how to do that.

This course will show you some practical solutions to conflicts as well as teach you the theory of conflicts. You will learn what types of conflict there are, what causes conflicts and so much more.

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Conflict can have a really negative effect on your working environment, on your relationships and your mood. At times, they even can lead some individuals to depression and god know what else. And you may think that you already have enough knowledge to resolve Conflicts Management, but that’s where you are a bit wrong.

This course doesn’t just tell you about conflicts in a casual way, there is social science behind it. And science can answer all the questions you need answered. There is always a lot to learn, so let’s learn something practical, something that can be used in your life on a daily basis to live happily and joyfully.

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But of course, conflicts can also have a positive impact on your working environment, but the way that happens you will learn in the course.

So come along and let me teach you to resolve conflicts the smart way. See you in the course Conflicts Management!

Who this course is for:

  • Office Managers, CEO’s
  • People at Head Positions
  • People Who Are Tired of Conflicts Surrounding Their Lives

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