Continuous Integration for ASP.NET with Docker, Azure DevOps

Continuous Integration for ASP.NET with Docker, Azure DevOps free download paid course from google drive. You will learn to run Windows Containers, Dockerize ASP .NET Core/Frameworks Apps and setup CI Pipelines with Azure DevOps in this complete course.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Workflow with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Understand Concepts related to Docker and Running Windows Containers
  • Set up Windows 10 Docker Host with Azure VM
  • Run and operate Windows Containers
  • Packaging modern (Core) and legacy (Framework) ASP .NET Applications as Docker Images
  • Deep Dive into writing Dockerfiles, Multi Stage Dockerfiles and Image Building best practices
  • Create Azure Container Registry and Publish Docker Images to it
  • Setup Continuous Integration Pipelines to build and publish Docker Images to ACR
  • Automated Deployment to Dev Environment with Docker Compose and Azure Devops
  • Troubleshoot Container, Networking and Image Building Issues
  • Automate Dev environments with Docker Compose

Continuous Integration for ASP.NET with Docker, Azure DevOps Course Requirements

  • Be able to Operate a Windows Host
  • Familiarity with .NET Framework and .NET Core Application Deployment Workflows
  • Text Editor
  • Basic Understanding of a Software Delivery Workflow

Continuous Integration for ASP.NET with Docker, Azure DevOps Course Description

Docker with Kubernetes have  already become  mainstream technologies. However, running Windows Containers with Docker is still a less explored path, and lacks resources.

This course was initially created as a Docker Mastery on Windows Course. However, what would people do once mastered running, operating windows containers and packaging .NET Application?

With increasing need to create a real world use case, I  started adding content related to taking the Docker based real world workflows and automating with Azure Devops, a fantastic and a almost complete Devops platform. I am glad to bring this course to you in its current shape.

I will continue iterating it to provide more depth as well as to address the changing dynamics in the Devops world.

Special thanks for Murtaja Kadiyani for pushing me to pick up this topic, providing very useful insights and inputs throughout the development of this course. Cheers Mate !! 

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps Engineers Responsible for Building CI/CD Pipelines for ASP .NET Applications
  • Developers/QA who would like to package ASP .NET Core/Framework Applications with Docker
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to run Windows Containers
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to create Continuous Integration Pipelines with Azure DevOps


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