Create a 10000+ NFT Pixel Art Collection like CryptoPunk

Create a 10000+ NFT Pixel Art Collection like CryptoPunk. NFT Collection: A step by step hands-on guided project on creating 10000+ NFT Pixel Art Collection using Python Language

  • You will learn to generate 10000+ NFT pixel arts collection like Cryptopunks
  • You will learn to design and resize pixel arts
  • You will learn to use python language to program a script to generate 10000+ images collection
  • You will learn to make use of different Free online tools to create designs


  • Basics of Python Programming language is recommended

Create a 10000+ NFT Pixel Art Collection like CryptoPunk

Do you want to create your OWN “10000 NFT Collection” like Cryptopunks?

Do you want to learn to generate “Pixel Art” NFTs using Python?

If “Yes”, this is the right course for you. It is the only Course you need.

You will learn:

  • Designing a NFT: Base Characters + Traits & Attributes
  • Creating a Pixel art generator software in Python
  • Creating a NFT 10K/20K NFT Collection

This is a Hands On Course where we guide you step by step into creating your own 10K/20K NFT Collection using Python.

We will teach you designing. We will teach you how to create base characters and traits(attributes). We will guide you through every single line of Code. By the end of this course, sky is the limit on what you can create.

We will create a special type of NFT Collection: Algorithmically Generated NFT collections.

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Algorithmically generated NFTs basically means that no two NFTs will ever be the same . CryptoPunk, Meebits, VeeFriends, Loot and Bored Ape are all Algorithmically Generated NFT collections and have done really well.

We will be completing the following tasks in this course:

  • Task1 : Project Overview
  • Task2: Design Pixel Art using Lospec Image Editor
  • Task3: Resize the Canvas Size using Photopea Tool & Color the design
  • Task4: Create Directories & Generate samples for the Cap Feature
  • Task5: Generate samples for Body, Eyes and Mouth Features
  • Task6: Write a Program to generate 10K+ pixel arts collection


So, Click on the “Enroll Now” button and take the leap towards your NFT Career.

Happy Learning

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in creating his/her own NFT Collection like Cryptopunks
  • Anyone who is interested in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology & NFTs
  • Anyone who is interested in creating Pixel Arts Generator using Python


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