Creative Vending Revolution

Creative Vending Revolution. The Venderia is thrilled to bring you Creative Vending Revolution, a 6-part online course covering all the ins and outs of starting a successful, nontraditional vending machine business. And just like our vending machines, there is nothing boring about it!

This complete, self-paced online course covers:

  • Where to buy a machine & what features to look for
  • How to evaluate potential locations
  • How to pitch to and land excellent locations
  • How to customize and brand your machine
  • How price, source & package your products
  • Where to find and how to work with local collaborators
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This course is brought to you by Taylor Valdés, owner & founder of  The Venderia, a wild & whimsical, non-traditional vending machine business based in Portland, OR. 

​Established in 2013 with one very old, very glittery refurbished snack machine, eight years later, The Vendors are a new fleet of 20 machines in bars, boutiques, hotels, and mixed-use spaces across the city. 

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We retail the works of hundreds of local artists from our machines, wholesale our own products nationwide, and now want to show you how to do it too!

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