Data Science in R Bootcamp

Data Science in R Bootcamp paid course free. You will learn the most important Data Science, Machine Learning, and Statistical techniques – and how to perform them in R!

  • The most in-demand skills required by employers
  • R coding skills that will put you ahead of your competition
  • Data Science and Machine Learning skills useful in any career path
  • How to download and run the programming language R
  • How to code basic algorithms in R
  • How to read in, manipulate and clean data
  • How to visualize your data with graphics, figures and listings
  • How to run advanced statistical analyses
  • And much more!

Data Science in R Bootcamp Course Requirements

  • Have a working computer that can download and access the program R

Data Science in R Bootcamp Course Description

Data science/machine learning are the two most popular areas in the job market. The salary for entry-level jobs exceeds $100,000, and every field is hiring people with these skills. This course aims to introduce you to the most important topics and how to write code in R. This course is affordable, easy to learn, and teaches the latest and most important data science and machine learning skills! Want to be one step ahead in the job market/courses? Are you a beginner/intermediate programmer or a data scientist? If so, this course is for you!

In this course, you will learn the latest and most important methods of statistics, machine learning, and data science, and how to implement them in R. You will learn the following (and more!):-How to download R-How to navigate R-How to download a package and follow its format-How to read data, access embedded data and export data-Data structure-Set up and create data-

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How to create tables and lists-ggplot2 (histogram, bar chart, scatter plot, box plot, etc.)-Descriptive statistical analysis-Hypothesis testing (p-value, zero/alternative hypothesis)-Modeling (regression linear, multiple linear ) Regression, estimation, model diagnosis) Every class of mine is recorded in R in real-time.

These are the most important and relevant topics, and they will become an important part of any field in which you work. I will also provide many external resources to deepen your understanding, including the R script for the conference.

As a professional in the field of data science and a former lecturer at several universities, I will take time to explain every step I take and make learning these topics interesting, engaging and effective. Join us and delve into the field of data science and machine learning in R!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers interested in coding Data Science techniques in R
  • Individuals wanting to learn the basics of Data Analytics
  • Those interested in a career in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Professionals interested in learning how to code algorithms to improve any field of work


Data Science in R Bootcamp

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