Data Storytelling with Power BI

Data Storytelling with Power BI. Become a master data visualizer. Learn how to create 25+ types of visuals essential for any dashboard builder. Learn how to create dashboards that are a union of utility, usability, and beauty. Complete a Final Project Dashboard to add to your Portfolio.

Data Storytelling with Power BI

Course Information

  • 10 Modules
  • 30 Demos
  • FREE Dashboard Development Resources
  • 100+ Slides of Content Self-Paced and On Demand Online Course

Key Topics

  • Guided Analytics Framework
  • Agile Dashboard Methodology
  • Step by Step guide for building Self-Serve Dashboards
  • Dashboard UX/UI Design Best Practices
  • The Hierarchy of Granularity: Dashboards that every level of your organization can consume
  • Consumer-Driven Data Visualization Framework
  • How to create & format 25+ types of charts in Power BI
  • Using Figma to create stunning High-Res Dashboard Layout Templates

FREE Resources

  • Checklist for Properly Formatting all Major Type of Charts
  • Dashboard Development Roadmap + Step by Step Guide for Analytics Managers to Succeed at any Dashboard Creation Project
  • Dashboard Requirement Gathering Framework + Priority Quadrant
  • Power BI Report Layout Templates

About the Instructor

  • Microsoft Certified Data Analyst & Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • CEO, Founder– D Cubed Analytics
  • Power BI Instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Trained 100+ Analysts from over a dozen countries
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Section 1: Consumer-Driven Data Visualization Framework

This module is all about providing you with a roadmap that you can leverage for your dashboard development projects. In addition to this, we will introduce you to the Guided Analytics Framework, a methodology that is essential for delivering dashboards that your consumers will love to use in their decision making.

In this Module’s demos we will walk you through how to use Figma to create custom Power BI Report Page Templates that we will leverage later in the course.

Section 2: Foundations of Data Storytelling

We will cover the Foundations of Data Storytelling in this module, this will help you better understand your end-user’s needs, and make your dashboards union of utility, usability, and beauty.

Our demo will walk you through how to create a Custom Power BI theme that you can use to align the designs of your dashboards.

Section 3: Data Visualization Selection Process

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Understanding the different types of data and how they impact your selection of visualization is a necessary skill every analyst must posses. This module will take the guess work out of visual selection, and you will have a clear framework to select the right visualization for your data.

Section 4: Formatting Tables & Matrix Visuals

Every dashboard will have at least one table/matrix in it, in this module we will provide you with a 7-step process that you can follow to ensure your tables/matrixes are formatted appropriately every time.

Section 5: Formatting Bar Charts

In this module you will get access to the 8-point checklist that you can apply to any bar chart and ensure they are always formatted correctly. We will also explain how to create more advanced bar charts such as bullet, paired bar, and deviation charts.

Section 6: Formatting Line & Area Charts

You’ll learn about the 5 formatting rules you need to follow with Line & Area Charts. This module is all about knowing which type of line/area chart is best for your data.

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Section 7: Single Value Visualizations

This module will teach you about the 4 formatting rules you need to follow when visualizing KPIs. As well as provide you with a 5-step process to create custom KPI visuals.

Section 8: Thematic Maps

What are the 5 types of maps every dashboard builder should master? In this module we will explain how to create stunning but simple maps that will captivate your audiences.

Section 9: Visualization Mistakes to Avoid

This module is going teach you what visualizations you should avoid in your dashboards.

Section 10: Creating Self Service Dashboards

The conclusion to this course will focus on how to make your dashboards self-serve for your consumers.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is ideal for BI Developers, Data Analysts, Technical Business Analysts, Analytics Managers & Analytics Consultants

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